The Dartline 60 concept features cabin space within the hull, however Pietro doesn’t say how much or in what configuration.
By using a classic combination of plain white paintwork, teak decking and chrome trim the Dartline 60 concept looks effortlessly cool.
Earthrace, Ltd., the charitable organization run by volunteers, steers the eco-friendly boat with the same name to North Cove Yacht Harbor where it has been open to the public since Friday, November 17. Earthrace's design is a showcase for environmentally friendly technologies provided by sponsors Cummins Mercruiser Diesel (CMD) and Better Biodiesel (BBD). The Earthrace mission is to raise awareness about environmentally friendly, sustainable fuels and to be the world's first UIM powerboat to attempt to break the record for an equatorial circumnavigation via the Panama and Suez canals using only alternative fuels. Torsten Sandmark, 19, from Dunedin, New Zealand, is a boat crewmember with a background in commercial fishing. Mike Schimann, 26, from Vancouver, Canada, is a boat crewmember with a background in logging and heavy machinery. John Allen, 40, from New Zealand is ground crew and oversees all marketing and sponsorships.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. De IF60 heeft een karakteristieke V-romp en is geconceptualiseerd met behulp van koolstofvezel versterkingen in combinatie met hoogwaardige materialen zoals Dupont Imron Marine verf en e-glass constructie. Deze prachtige power zorgt ervoor dat er op cruise-snelheid ongeveer 60 knopen wordt gevaren, de maximum snelheid gaat tot 90 knopen.
After the impressive build of the Lamborghini Murcielago, the tuners from DMC have moved to upgrading a top performing powerboat from MTI.

Previous articleFERRETTI 47? SINKS OFF THE COAST OF BRAZILNext articleWake Effects Storms the Superboat Race Circuit; Designing New MTI! However the design is far from complicated, in fact it’s almost characterised by its symetrical simplicity. The exterior passenger area is made up of two intersecting circular spaces.  The front one incorporates the wrap-around windscreen as well as the cockpit area and additional seats. Calibre Boats, a builder of high-tech custom yachts, built the attention grabbing trimaran, or multi-hulled boat.
CMD provided two standard engines that power the boat using only 100% biodiesel fuel provided BBD. Her crew invites the media and public to stop by to tour the boat and learn more about their 18-month promotional tour of 60 cities and plans to set a new UIM (Union International Motonautique) powerboat record for circling the globe before she leaves Manhattan on her way to Philadelphia. CEO and Earthrace powerboat capitanPete Bethune is the founder of Earthrace, Ltd., a charitable organization, and the skipper of the biodiesel-fueled powerboat with the same name.
Hermes & Zeus - het Design House dat bekend staat om ongelooflijke jachtontwerpen - heeft deze speedboot geconceptualiseerd om haar haar kunsten te vertonen. Als we een blik op de technische aspecten werpen, zien we MTU 10V 2000 motoren die elk 1,600 pk produceren.
Op aanvraag is er een door Twin 2200 HP turbine aangedreven versie, deze kan qua snelheid oplopen tot een verbazingwekkende 180 plus knopen. Gemaakt met heel veel carbon fiber, cruised deze motorboot op water net als een superauto op de weg. They have recently hooked up with Gargiulo, a powerboat racing team in Florida, who are their main sponsor for this project.

The rear circle features a rounded seating area and a large table, it also provides access to the rear swimming platform. To ensure the lowest weight and highest strength possible, the hull construction is carbon fiber and Kevlar. Pete and his wife Sharyn invested their life savings and mortgaged their home three times for this dream. Dit nieuwe jacht design door H&Z krijgt een praktische vorm van de Mystic Powerboats, zij brengen suprematie in de bouw en engineering van high-end powerboats. DMC have used their aerodynamic experience from previous work on exotic cars,  and applied this knowledge on the MTI Mercedes Benz powerboat. It takes a fairly special looking kind of vessel to stand out from the luxury yacht crowd these days, but that’s exactly what Italian designer Pietro Russomanno has created with his Dartline 60 concept. A majority of the customizations include replacing the factory pieces with new carbon fiber to reduce weight, while improving the aerodynamics.
Engine is a 1990 25 hp Evinrude that starts up right away and is a very strong motor and Very Clean .

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