When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Variable, North America hull designs on a 17' powerboat Hello to all. What I'm wondering is, what are the elements of a hull and how do these elements affect speed, handling, and ride in the choppy water? If you look at the pictures of the Thunderbolt, it looks like anything more than a 6" chop would take water in over the back. Keep in mind that I believe all three of these designs (and descriptions) were created a couple decades ago so what was phrased as revolutionary features on raceboats then has become commonplace now. I've never personally liked a boat with that open and low of a stern, but I think it could take a little more than that - say at least 18 inches if they were really breaking and much more if they were rolling. Here is a summary the lifting strakes do just as they are named they help lift the boat out of the water faster.

The casual observer of workboats and yachts could be forgiven for some confusion as to why some boats have very long overhangs, or ends, while others have virtually none.
SAILBOATS: Free from artificial influence, bow and stern overhangs tend to be relatively short, but yacht racing and the measurement rules that govern it, turned the normal considerations of safety and sea-kindliness onto their heads.
Powerboat P1 Management Ltd (P1) was established in Dec 2002 and is wholly owned by P1 Holdings Limited. P1 also commissioned the design, development and manufacture of a high-tech, one-design race and leisure boat. The P1 Panther 28-SS forms the backbone of the P1 SuperStock racing series and the national franchises, which it looks to sell to commercial partners globally.
Where as a boat with a flatter bottom can with the right design and less power have the same top end and with less power is better fuel economy. P1 has created a marine racing platform combining the key pillars of accessibility of entry, parity of performance and affordability across a variety of watercraft to ensure offshore Powerboat racing remains future proofed for racers, teams and commercial partners alike.

The downside acceleration is slower, handling is not as good, as well as rough water performance. P1 and the UIM are committed to developing the sport on a long-term basis and partner in many projects including the UIM’s Youth Development Project. P1 is an official promoter of the UIM and owns an exclusive, long-term licence granted by the UIM.

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