Andy, I was planning on starting the 109 pretty soon, but after reading about your plans I think I'll put her on the back burner for a while to let them come to fruition. Building, Detailing, and Converting the 1:35 scale Italeri PT-596 Announcing a new book from T.
Have you seen this photo of 504?Also, Vic Chun's second PT book has some decent photos of the RON 34 boats.
Thanks,I intend to call Monday,I have decided to go ahead and donate the recruitment posters I have from the 1930's courthouse here in Memphis. Garth,Thanks for the pics and your quick response.Two are interesting in they carried the paint scheme with wavy separation on to the torps. Very Odd,notice the large air recognition white star on the deck,now why would camouflage pant be needed on a Torpedo on such a clearly marked vessel? The kit is molded in light grey plastic, has a water-slide decal sheet that provides single flags, a Royal Navy White naval ensign and numbers to do a limited variety of boats. He also went on to say that modelers should look at page 156 of Victor Chun's American Torpedo Boats as this has a photo of a builder's model (from the USN's Bureau of Ships) of an example of the Annapolis built Vospers designed for lend-lease to the Soviet Navy. Here, I would like to say something about the USN Mark X tripod mount for the 20mm Oerlikon on the Vosper.
I would suggest that if anyone wants to have accurate colors on this model, you should buy the proper Royal Navy colors from White Ensign Models' Colourcoats line of paints. The guns in the kit could be replaced by examples from H-R Products, AeroClub and the like and I would strongly recommend that you do.
Whereas it has not been released yet, Great Little Ships' website states that they will be releasing a detail set for this kit. This will be for both versions and I plan to include several additional laser details such as the radar. The deck will be flush so items like torps, depth charges, rocket, cannon and machine guns can be placed as desired. Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II, 1939 - 1945, and the 1994 version of PT Boats In Action. None are PT-Boat but several are rare and mainly focused on the Naval Air service due to the Milling-ton Tennessee Naval Air Station that was built outside of Memphis. Curious about the civilians in BOLAR HATS on deck,must be British and from their dress not naval personnel.I am not very knowledgeable of the PT-Boat service in the European theatre,so I have much to learn.The Boat is not armed,at least with Torpedoes,and the crew standing at attention seems to imply the guest are of a Political Nature? RON 10's (Elco - Pacific) scheme was removed from the boats right away but RON 15's (Higgins - Med) boats apparently used it for a while longer in action.

Making them explode is a little more challenging as the captain has to ensure that the charge is dropped before explosion.One at the time, the technique is available, in Germany we have to be a little careful when handling with gun powder. I,ll not be adding as much interior detail as you but will hopefully be doing a few extra details.So seen this thread while on the hunt for info so hope you don,t mind me asking the more in the know guys that are helping out here a few of my own.
Thanks for the link, I will definitly buy those and will make them "dropable" from the pt boat.
It does look interesting, reminds me of the B-25 bombers that were modified into gunships by mounting as many .50's as possible in the nose. In reality, the kit, whereas it is a Vosper designed boat, represents one of the many Vosper designed, US built MTBs that found their way into the World War II Soviet Navy, not a MTB of the Royal Navy.
He points to a drawing in John Lambert and Al Ross' Allied Coastal Forces volume on Vosper MTBs and Elco PT boats, because there is a drawing on page 169 that shows the lines and sections for one of these boats and the flat section at the counter is unmistakable. Allen said that it was his best guess that the Revell master pattern maker assumed that, apart from the differing deck profile, the Vosper designed boats would be similar underwater to an Elco eighty footer. Caputo would like to have had a little sheet of clear plastic for the ports in the charthouse. On the Revell Vosper MTB kit, Revell molded the base ring onto the deck and just provided three thin legs for the mount.
Caputo makes the comment that, "They are really fudging on the colors with their 30% matt white + 70% grayish blue and 60% matt white + grey, matt sand, carmine red, grey, matt white, basalt grey, graphite grey gold, metallic grey, matt black and matt earth. With this set, you'll be able to convert the kit into boats from the batches of MTBs of MTBs 240-257, 275-306 and 363 to 378. A noted naval historian with input from four scale ship modelers (one of whom has won at the national level for his artisanship) put this monograph together and a noted researcher.
Unfortunately most of this the Largest inland Naval Base at one time is closed due to budget cuts.
That will be a nice effect at the next RC boat meeting where we drive in a pool ( I will re obtain my charges using a magnet)Excellent work: have you used anything from eduard or lion roar?Chris Hello Chris, You're welcome, I'm glad I was able to help, and thanks for the compliment. I guess they thought it would have been useful for fire suppression during a torpedo attack, but so could all those guns that were swivel mounted and could be fired in other directions as well. He feels that this is a glaring mistake and one that was not typical of Revell kits of the period. The machine guns are a distinct low point of the kit, sporting 'flash suppressors' the size of dustbins.
Deck planking is really pronounced, and would need to be sanded down or filled slightly to be correct.

He used 1mm brass rod to do this, and he also replaced the machine gun barrels in a similar fashion.
Also, I would strongly suggest that you check your photo references for an accurate paint scheme. It is now Naval support activity base.I have not been to the museum in a long time,I appreciate the information and will see if I can arrange a visit next week. I used them on my boat (click on my photos) and was very happy with the quality and detail. I remember a very nice lady,the granddaughter of Buckley perhaps?At the last visit they had some donated models in pretty bad shape,but I was unable to assist in their restoration. Two guns that can be fired in any direction can be more valuable than ten guns that can only be aimed by turning the ship (see USS Monitor vs. Caputo's example was molded fairly well, just having a few sink holes on the crew figures (which I don't mind, but would not use and Mr.
Perhaps it's because it was the first Royal Navy MTB I ever got, perhaps it's easy to get, I don't really know. They provide the ends for the bridle that holds the depth charge in the rack, but you have to use wire for the cable. Caputo says that when the armament of this kit is compared to that of other 1:72 scale kits, he found them to be a little big. Of course adding White Ensign details would really spice it up.Finally, I plan to offer the various types of radar masts, I will use a combination of a pewter casting or two plus the laser cut materials to build up the mast using the sandwich method. Something many in Tennessee are proud of.Germantown was a very small community growing up, only two police cars and really a fine example of a small town.
Instructions are always the hold up so these initial couple may require some good skills to put together.Being my own best customer, I've always wanted to build a large diorama based on the gaggle of Elcos lashed together refueling and repairing at Leyte (page 61 - American PT Boats in World War II). The last thing I'll throw out is the ability to make custom kits on demand which I have already been doing for a few train and ship customers. Still the museum has done well to stay in operation during he commercial expansion and the exploding values of property. This capability also allows me to make updates and tweaks to the kit when required based on customer feedback.Feel free to contact me off line if you would like to discuss further.

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