We set a table up outside and the nested and assembled  PT Eleven to take some photos and measurements. We are using Australian made Gaco gated oarlocks because they work beautifully and they are lightweight and also because of the reduced pin size. When nested, the forward half touches the after half in four places, three of which are edges against edges. Back tracking a little, the skeg got glued on after glassing but before gloss coating the hull.
Port Townsend Watercraft in BriefPT Watercraft is located in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in NW Washington. Port Townsend is fortunate to have a great marine industry and many have had a part in making PT Watercraft a reality. We take pride in our professional deliveries and installations and always take the customer's property into consideration before, during and after the work is done. Service – your purchase of a Midway Sales product is the beginning of our lasting relationship.

We had friends visiting from Canada and while Russell was deep in conversation with them, I jumped into the truck to run an urgent errand. It is the partnership of Ashlyn & Russell Brown, desiring to bring modern and innovative designs to the home boat builder. Turn Point Design, Jim Franken, Townsend Bay Marine, Edensaw Woods, NWSWB, NW Sails and NW Canvas, and also Bieker Boats of Seattle.
We want boaters to safely have fun for many years with their creation while saving money, have less negative impact on the environment, and much less frustration with limitations typical of many small boats on the market. I modified this Lowe 16bass pro from this fugly beast to a pretty nice boat :)we extended the front deck, removed the side console and ripped out the rear deck.
We include features and options with your purchase that other companies offer only as upgrades.
I wanted to show the breast hook installation which happens after the foredeck is glued in. Russell is explicit in his manuals and kit detail, intent on providing very high quality stitch & glue boat kits and related products.

He has figured out how to make this technique work really well and the finish is often mistaken for a spray job.
Removing all the wood and carpet got rid of a lot of weight but did not change how ridged the boat is. Confident, that is until I heard a loud 'pop!'.  My heart stopped and thankfully I had the presence of mind to stop the truck. Each of them admitted to weighing 180LBS and possibly more so we casually demonstrate here where the boat sits with at least 720LBS and rowing at a fair clip.  This demonstration was not about safety but simply to see how much free-board would be left. Completely out of my field of vision, near the front right wheel, the forward half of the boat had been on the ground. A little epoxy and a touch up on the paint completed the repair but he could see by the tire track that a great deal of weight had been applied to the hull and that it had withstood it.

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