We recently held a contest on our official forums seeking player designs for new Limited Edition vessels, and I'm pleased to report that this month's Limited Edition ship is inspired by one of the winning entries!
Here's the deck, complete with warm bronze fittings, shady palm trees and a healthy dusting of the purest white sand. The cabin shuns the complicated fittings of most captain's quarters and trades them for a relaxing hammock strung between two palms. As always, the Lagoon Class Sloop is only available until 3 PM PDT on Monday, August 1st, so get your vacation started today! Madam Yu Jian, the pirate queen of the Eastern Seas, can now be found plying the waters of all oceans! And there are more reasons than ever to want to hunt the Kings: new Brigand King-themed banners can now be found at your local Trading Post!
The backbone of Madam Yu Jian's pirate fleet, the Fanchuan is now available from your local shipyard! Finally, rounding out our new Eastern Seas-themed additions are a great assortment of new Eastern clothing and furniture!
Stylish swabs can now obtain the fancy Qing Hat from their nearest Tailor, while more militantly-inclined pirates may want to grab a design for the Samurai Helmet, available at the Trading Post in exchange for Yu Jian trinkets! All of these exciting changes are now available, so hop in game right now and check them out! We here at Puzzle Pirates HQ took a break from Limited Edition ships last month in order to put in some extra work on this April's extra-special Limited Edition vessel: the Cosmic Class Frigate! Inside the frigate's hold is the bridge, complete with a captain's chair that doubles as a Navigation station, and a deluxe display for charting courses!
Edit: It would appear that initial reports of sightings of Cosmic Class Frigates may have been fabricated by merchants too embarrassed to admit the loss of their cargo to a bold crew of buccaneers armed only with silverware and balls of cheese and only originally attacking as an April Fools prank.
We have a veritable blizzard of backgrounds for you this week, featuring a variety of warm and cozy holiday scenes.
These backgrounds will be available for the next three weeks, until the first Portrait Day of 2011, Tuesday, January 4th, so put on your festive best! Happy Portrait Day, everyone, and a very Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Three Rings! It's a bit of a Halloween tradition here at Three Rings to release a new style of black pet every October.
This shadowy pooch is the perfect companion for nighttime pirate escapades, or for just sitting around your hideout in your finest black threads.
Much like last week, all of this new stuff will be available until Tuesday, November 2nd at 3 PM PDT, so don't miss out! We here in the Three Rings Marketing Department have a difficult job every October naming the year's elaborate Puzzle Pirates Halloween festivities. That said, we're starting the month off right* with a brand-new Limited Edition ship: the Phantom Class Sloop!
Here is the quarterdeck, complete with ruined wheel, spectral lanterns and somewhat rusty cannons.
The Phantom Class Sloop is now available for sale from your local shipyard, but only until the end of October. Every year, we here at Three Rings like to make this little survey available to Puzzle Pirates players asking for information about themselves, what they like about the game, and what they want to see more of. Puzzle Pirates' latest release brings with it a wide variety of new furniture for display in your favorite hideaway or ship! All of these items are now available for purchase from your local Furnisher, so head on down and check them out! The Midas Class Rowboat is now available for sale from your local shipyard, but only until the end of April, so be sure to get yours before they're gone! Edit: Sadly, it appears that Admiral Finius has run off with all the upholstery intended for use in the plush rowboat seats. From today, Friday, February 12th, until 3 PM on Monday, February 22nd, the Pirate Winter Games are on! If you're looking to capture the gold for your team, you'll be happy to hear that no bobsledding is required! Everyone who participates will get a nifty trophy, so bundle up, then get out there and test your mettle! If yer a collector (and what good pirate isn't!), ye'll likely have a grand collection of furniture gatherin' dust in yer booty. To celebrate the release of the Gallery, we're havin' a sale on select sizes of pirate housing! If yer plannin' to upgrade yer residence, or just lookin' to add a summer getaway, act fast! UPDATE: Due to high demand, the sale price for the gallery will be extended to 3PM August 24, 2015! For months, merchants from the Empire have reported an unusual number of ships missing or destroyed in previously quiet waters. This legendary sea monster was once only a whispered rumor - the mysterious source for Kraken’s Blood.
To access this alpha phase of testing, you will need to download and install a special Ice Ocean client to your computer. Once you've spent some time with the new UI, please fill out our feedback survey before November 21. The captain’s cabin has private reserve rum taps to ensure the rum is never gone* as ye chart a course for good times.
For pirates who enjoy a good wager, roulette and craps tables are below deck, with easy access to food and drink. This ship is built for “multitasking”--the navigator will find everything close at hand (or hook) for an uproarious, fun pillage – cards, beverages, and for those quick maneuvers to avoid crashing into the rocks, a golden helm. For a limited time, pirates may have their portraits painted with backgrounds that feature secretive Black Market locations. Accomplished artists from the Puzzle Pirates community have made available a series of limited edition portrait backgrounds themed around the infamous Black Markets. Proprietors of the Black Market have deemed pictorial representations of all twenty-five Black Box trinkets to be acceptable. Those mysterious members of the Smuggler's Guild, purveyors of prohibited property and paraphernalia, have toiled in the shadows to create a new class of vessel meant to haul bulk shipments of black market goods across the trade lanes.

Like its smaller sister ships, the Smuggler Class War Brig variant also bears the revered Lady of Secrets as its figurehead. These sturdy cranes speedily lift cargo to and from secret compartments, leaving the deck clear of any contraband or other goods that may bring an invasive search by Imperial watchdogs.
Hanging a gibbet on the deck signifies that you obey time-honored maritime law and follow a strict code of ethics that would never, ever allow the smuggling of criminal items on your ship. This humble and thoroughly lawful captain's cabin is a strategic place to invite local or Imperial customs officers for a drink of your best rum before you happily submit to a surprise search. Though the central cabin would pass most general inspections, a closer look will reveal telltale marks of the vessel's shadowy intent! That passage leads to an ample crawlspace for storing barrels, bags, and boxes of everything you don't want unwelcome guests getting their hands on. And as fast as you can knock three times on the seal of the Smuggler's Guild, yet another hidden door leads to the main galley, with stairs back up to the top deck. The Smuggler Class War Brig will be available throughout the month of April with a delivery fee of only 80 Doubloons on Doubloon oceans! If you're looking for a good way to celebrate Patching's release, what better way than with a new portrait? We also slipped a few more little things into this release, such as a cool new mask inside the Black Box. The newest Sea Monster Lair to make its appearance in Puzzle Pirates, the Haunted Seas are the dire domain of the much-feared Brigand King Barnabas the Pale. For more information, you can take a look at the official documentation about the Haunted Seas, but we really recommend just heading in-game, stealing a Haunted Seas map from some brigands and checking it out first hand! In addition to consuming vast quantities of rum, we at Puzzle Pirates HQ enjoy sneaking little changes and additions into the game with every major release. The Junk comes complete with 12 large dragon cannons, a reinforced hull and room for you and 17 of your best mates. A longstanding swabbie labor dispute has finally been resolved, and Cutters now get four swabbies instead of just three!
Crew and flag hideouts are now available for Monarchs and Captains to purchase at their local Pirate Hall!
The brigands and barbarians have recently picked up all kinds of info on the movements of the legendary Brigand Kings.
Not only that, but the Brigand Kings have also picked up some new trinkets, so there are even more prizes available to pirates canny enough to earn one of their ransoms!
Compare product features and pricing in parallel to help you pick what product is the right one to acquire. Based off of a design by Bunnylaroo of Sage, the Lagoon Class Sloop is July's new Limited Edition ship! Several gators have taken up residence here, but don't worry: they prefer to stay in the water and won't wander out to bother you while you concentrate on manning the bilging stations! April's game update is so overloaded with great new additions, let's just cut the intro and get right down to it! She brings with her a full complement of new Brigand King rewards including ransom trinkets, and a Yu Jian egg available from the Trading Post.
These compasses work just like Expedition Charts, only they will point you towards the location of a particular Brigand King, including Madam Yu Jian! Each of these special pieces of furniture embody the Brigand Kings' distinct personalities, and can be had for a modest number of Brigand King ransom trinkets.
With large cannons, a reinforced hull and room for up to 12 crewmen, this Eastern Seas vessel is the perfect choice for a little Spring pillaging! Also available is a variety of new furniture items perfect for adding an Eastern Seas touch to your pirate hideaway: the Iron Lantern, Stone Lantern, Bonsai, and Taiko Drum! The Cosmic Class Frigate is only available for the month of April, so don't get left behind in the 18th century: warp to your nearest Shipyard and get yours today! And for those of you who like to plan ahead, there's also a special New Year's background for you and your best hearty, featuring some stellar fireworks! Well, it's Extra because we released a bunch of fun Halloween stuff a week ago, and it's a Surprise because you probably didn't know about it until just now. In fact, we did the opposite of forget: we remembered them so much that we made two new types for you to enjoy this year. Indeed, Quicksilver attempted to get a bit of paperwork done at one point, but reported that he kept being distracted by an unearthly wailing coming from the belly of the ship. Our goal is to use the data we get from the Census to help shape the development of the game over the next year or so, as well as to build up a good batch of material for in-office trivia nights*. The survey will only be available until 11:59 PM PDT on Friday, July 30th, so please take a few minutes to help us build a better Puzzle Pirates by filling out the survey right now!
Pictured are three of the four new desktop 'food' items: the place setting, the fancy meal and the meal with wine.
Using the torn wall map, desktop map and large desktop map that are now available, it'll be easy to make your captain's cabin, hideout or shipyard look that much more authentic! Keeping the striped chairs company are a planter of wildflowers, a small vase of wildflowers and a bowl of fruit. An all-new class of vessel designed to carry just one pirate (you!), this particular rowboat is well-appointed with a plush captain's sofa and a gilded cannon triple threat!
The crusty and rum-stained calendar here at Three Rings HQ certainly says it has been, so it's high time we did them again! You've already been randomly assigned to one of five teams, each named after a different creature from Greek mythology: Cyclops, Gorgon, Cerberus, Hydra, and Minotaur. Instead, you can score points in one of two ways: by defeating members of other teams in one-on-one puzzle battles (Swordfighting, Rumble, Treasure Drop or Drinking), or by winning one of the numerous Puzzle Competitions that will be running during the event!
If yer one to want to show off yer imposing assemblage, be sure to visit yer local island to find the Gallery!
This applies to both the cost in pieces of eight as well as the doubloon fee on doubloon oceans.
Now, talk is swirling around pirate inns, claiming there are vast treasures to be found in the kraken’s lair.
Large ships cannot approach the kraken, as the beast will quickly send them to Davy Jones’ Locker. Starting November 14th, we will be looking for your feedback on the game’s new user interface.

A link to the client download and further information about this testing can be found here. If ye find yerself always under the heel of the Imperial authority when yer evening becomes too boisterous, this month’s Limited Edition ship is perfect for any rowdy freedom-loving pirate. The captain also has access to a private reserve of swords and knives thoughtfully pinned across the walls and tables. And, if the captain needs a few scurvy dogs to man the bilge pump or swing a hammer, duty stations are within easy reach.
Visit a portrait easel between now and November 1st to browse these limited edition backgrounds! Ye may now show off yer collection of Black Box trinkets without worry of repercussions from those shadowy agents! For clandestine reasons that cannot be uttered, they've made the plans to these new ships available to loyal shipwrights everywhere.
There are two doors visible to the naked eye, but the shipwrights have seen the original blueprints, and those show a third egress attached to the nearby lantern through an elaborate system of pulleys!
This is the decisive space for carrying your hoard of black-market goods past Johnny Imperial and his agent overseers! That means a 20% discount over standard delivery fees for Limited Edition War Brigs, or a savings of 20 doubloons for each of these ships sold.
We just released a slew of new player-created backgrounds to choose from, as well as a bunch of new eyes and mouths to pose with! Featuring ghostly opponents, a new twist on the Swordfighting puzzle and plenty of opportunities to Treasure Haul, the Haunted Seas hold all kinds of excitement and treasure for an adventurous pirate: if you can best Barnabas's minions, that is!
If your vessel can survive the onslaught of ghostly ships long enough to reach and defeat the protectors of one of the Haunted Seas' eerie ship graveyards, a number of juicy shipwrecks filled with haunted chests will be yours for the taking! The development team will now be able to sleep at night, as the names for the Atlantean chests will now match up with those of the rest of the game (box, locker, chest).
Now, when you sort job offers by jobber cut, it'll take into account both the distribution (Jobber's Delight v. Everything you need to bring a little piece of the Eastern Mainland to your private pirate hideaway or ship! Swabbies can now be ordered to gun, and will gladly man your ship's cannons for you with aplomb and derring-do. If you're the sort that likes to beat up on brigands, they'll be obliged to share this wealth of knowledge with you in the form of new Expeditions to track and defeat a Brigand King! Don't be fooled, however: despite all this, the Brigand Kings are still the same mighty challenge they always were, so stay sharp! Roll up your sleeves and play even more of the new Weaving puzzle, or just help your local shipyard churn out some Verdant Class Cutters!
In addition to the regular line-up of favorites, we now have Peacock and Raven masks available!
After some initial panic and throwing of things, Quicksilver determined that Spectral Sawyer wasn't a malevolent spirit at all. These delicious-looking plates are being served up on the new large table, furnished with enough maroon upholstered chairs for the captain and his best mates!
It also goes without saying that they go great with any of the existing globe furniture items. The centerpiece in this room, however, is the majestic Captain's clock, which is modeled after the antique grandfather clock that graces the very unique Three Rings offices!
The Rowboat comes complete with three Gunning stations, as well as a single Sailing station which affects not only speed and Sea Battle token production, but lowers the Rowboat's Bilge and Damage as well!
Check the Competition tab on the notice board to see your team assignment, and no, I'm afraid you can't change your team once the competition has begun! Keep an eye on your Ahoy tab in the coming days for more information on upcoming such Competitions! This expansive new house features large rooms with voluminous wall space, and a floorplan to showcase yer most complex arrangement of goods. Please note that during this phase of testing, access is restricted to current subscribers or players who have purchased at least 24 doubloons in the last 30 days. This is an alpha test for the new UI, meaning it is still in early development and further changes will be made. Tongues have been wagging about the impregnable nature of this hiding space; it is said no true Imperial officer has so much as set his or her eyes on this shadowy sanctuary!
So, make sure you aren't being followed and stop in at a local shipyard to acquire one of these beauties today! Patching allows pirates to repair damage done to their ship by stitching up tears in the sails. A local alchemist was seen purchasing large amounts of the material to transform it into Kraken’s Blood! The developers have been working hard to bring the new UI to the desktop version of the game. The developers want to hear your feedback and observations of the new UI and its performance. This year, in a rare fit of rationality, we've decided to just let our new, spooky item offerings do the talking for us, rather than rely on puns and terrible compound words. As it turns out, he just wanted a place to crash for awhile, and so each Phantom Class Sloop will also come with its own wandering ghost! A whisk to yer Gallery will appear on the notice board for a week, and allow pirates to browse yer fine display. You can read more about this exciting new addition over here, and when you're ready, Patching is accessible from the Carpentry box aboard any ship, so go check it out!
Don't worry: they won't be part of the crew count and they promise they won't leave a mess!

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