We provide the Dragon Boats, paddles, buoyancy Aids, Safety Boat Cover, Qualified Helms, & River Marshals. All our events are organised dependant on the requirements of the group and the number of people involved, one of our experienced events staff will be able to oversee your events from start to finish, who can assist with planning and advising about your event.
We are able to combine this event with an onsite BBQ including full catered options or self catering available. We provide the dragon boats, paddles, buoyancy aids, safety boat cover, qualified helms, & river marshals. Make it a party & utilise our BBQ & covered seating area You can self cater or contact us for catering options. Below is the Scout Associations link outlining the syllabus of activities to complete the dragon boat badge in one 2 hr session. We are not just able to organise dragon boating events at Warwick Boats, we are able to organise events at a number of locations across the midlands and England.
Well, next summer I'll be sure to glance over my shoulder now and then to see how that's working out for him (and hope he's lagging behind, and not about to lap me).
As always, the project begins by taking some perfectly innocent sheets of plywood and cutting them up into a bunch of funny shapes. Put the bulkheads, transom, and stem together with the tunnel sides and you have the beginnings of a boat. This brings up an issue I hadn't adequately addressed in the building notes (since corrected).
A colder than average Minnesota winter makes it a bit too expensive to heat the garage, so Tony stays on the project by making some hardware. Here is his steering setup featuring a wheel found on ebay and a drum made from discs of marine plywood. Tony decided it would be easier to cut (but not yet install) the coamings before any plywood planking went on.
The last of the deck battens installed, plus the dash and cowling bulkhead temporarily in place. I am planing to use a Subaru 2.0Turbo gas engine (or something with 250HP) in a homebuild hydroplane. Location: Southern England The big problem you will find in moving from RC boats to full scale is the power to weight ratio.
Deeper V boats with surface drives were not quite as quick (when we were upright), so the next challenge is to react the torque without significantly adding to the weight or resistance. In the full-scale boat, you will not have quite as much power, and therefore you might want the shaft angled to help lift the boat (or at least the stern) out of the water. Location: Southern England Unfortunately I was limited by the rules, as to what the power source was. With a submerged drive you do get a significant bow down pitching moment, but this can be countered by moving weight aft.
Location: Sweden A submerged propeller operating close to an open surface will experience a vertical force component, even with zero shaft angle. So, in your case, design the setup with the prop hub at wl level with the dynamic lifting surfaces of the hull in correct operating trim and heave position, then the final adjustment of propeller lift is done via blade rake in combination with cg adjustments.

Location: Lakeville Ma Here's another picture of the drive with paint and an engine.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The Custom Graphics Lettering service at Palm Beach Customs,  in Ft Myers can help you turn a regular un-noticeable boat into a rockstar at the dock.
The next step in this custom graphics of a racing boat was preparing the paint surfaces, which meant almost every square inch of the outer hull and the dashboard inside. With the base yellow color dried up, the next step was to add some tangerine and add the famous racing stripes on the sides, and the eye-catching racing flag on the top of the boat.
With the outer hull custom-painted, we moved inside the boat, and worked on the dashboard and seats.
Students in the the Center for Wooden Boats Youth Quick and Daring boatbuilding class had just five days to design a boat, build a cardboard model, then construct an actual vessel out of plywood and 1X2-inch wood pieces. Students in the Youth Quick and Daring boatbuilding class push one of the boats they designed and built into the water. Trying out their boat for the first time, Connor Paulson, at rear steering with a paddle, Peter Shelly, foreground, and Will Basinski paddle away from the dock. Launching the four boats they built, the students head out for a race into Lake Union and back.
Jeff is adding a little shape to the tunnel plank, looking for a little more compression-generated lift. Here Jeff has created the pickle-fork bow, basically by raising a portion of the deck, and extending the front cowling. Jeff treated the overhang of the tunnel plank a little differently, effectively extending the tunnel itself a few inches. Tyler's dad, Mark Welch, is a veteran boat racer and currently drives in SST 120, Formula 150 and occasionally Mod U and even Champ. Instead of completing the bottom, Corbin elected to turn her over and continue installing stringers.
Clint is building his Dillon Sport C in Australia with an eye on running in the Austrailia 25hp class at the 112km Bridge to Bridge race. I'm not sure how cutting notches in all these part strengthens anything, but it probably won't hurt.
Sitting in the garage with the heater on to help bake the enamel paint and bring out the gloss. It floated really good, gave it a little throttle and felt it climbing onto the plane with ease.
A range of fun boats to play on, BBQ dining, all set against the medieval backdrop of Warwick Castle. Whether you are looking for a team building activity, group challenge, or just an exciting trip out, our dragon boat race is safe, enjoyable and suitable for complete beginners. Schools can also use the dragon boat experience as part of wider studies incorporating history, art, physical education & culture.
We are already registered as commercial activity providers with AALA & can supply all relevant paperwork required.

We also offer a range of kids & adult water based activities for birthday, private parties & team building events.
I'm not sure I would have wanted to put any more power in it anyway, even with a surface drive. Note in the full-size pics that the engine and driver are as far aft as possible, the CG with driver in the seat will be around the back of the engine. Surface piercing propellers have been tested up to about 20 degrees shaft angle (~50 % submerged) with very good results. Take a look at how we turned a plain white boat into a racing sportstar, with streamlined graphics and strong, vivid colors. As the owner wanted it to be a noticeable, racing boat, we had some ideas of how to turn this white unnoticeable boat into an eye candy, worthy of the Cigarette Racing Club, that ordered a custom graphics job.
That resulted with a mockup of how the boat should look when finished, with all the details inside and out.
To add even more dynamic look and freshness, we added a stripe of green-black detail which worked great with the orange-white-black motif. For seats, we chose an ivory-shade natural leather that sat perfectly with the tangerine hull and metallic details on the dashboard.
Jeff is building the boat for another club member who will be racing it in GT Pro next season. Australian Comapany Norglass Weatherfast make a product called pri-coat undercoat primer will be applied with a spray gun and rubbed back smooth.
So I touched the throttle and she sat up onto the plane and begun to lift the sponsons out of the water. For larger events we also provide trophies for first & second place & individual Dragon Boat medals for the winning team. We provide all event safety including necessary risk assessments, £5m public liability insurance and operate according to British Dragon Boat Association guidelines.
There are motor boats, row boats & a wide range of canoes & kayaks.We also offer a range of kids & adult water based activities for birthday, private parties & team building events. The big problem we had was that over about 75% throttle (6-cells, fully charged) the boat was flipping over (in roll), due to the prop torque. For the dashboard we decided to go bold with the Cigarette Racing branding, which wrapped things up, bringing the logo and graphics inside the cockpit.
This was not a failing of the hull, as much as the submerged drive lifting the entire hull out of the water, so there was nothing to react the torque. Lightening holes in the bulkheads, and perhaps reduce the amount of ply in the longitudinals. For this boat custom paint job we used Shimrin candys by House of Kolor paints because they have great pigment consistency that is not affected by water and sunshine, both things that this boat will see plenty of.

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