Longobarda has 82 feet of open deck space, with ample provision for guests to make the most of this luxurious space. In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more expensive, one keelboat class offers you the opportunity to cruise and race for under $20,000. A class that offers fleets all over Australia and an international fleet of over 5,500 boats. Up to 30 J24s are expected for the Legends Regatta © David Staley - copyright 24 ft with a main, jib, genoa and kite, five crew, four bunks and an icebox. Some call it slow – it isn't, Div 3 of this years Spinnaker Cruising (Racing class) at Geelong Audi Week (the biggest class available), 56 boats and J24s gained three First places and a Second over the line in the four races held, even though it was the smallest boat in the fleet (beating boats 12ft longer over the line). Wetty Gripper at the top mark - J24 2010 National Championships © David Staley - copyright Some do call it outdated – it isn't in fact, in a handicap or measurement class it rates so well they hate us entering – we tend to win.
So what other one design keelboat is there for under $20,000 with all these benefits you can get into and race competitively (or cruise), in a fleet around Australia? Bruce Kendall takes a look at what he believes Sailing needs to do to survive beyond the 2016 Olympics.
Having won the 420 World Championship in 2000, the feeder class to the 470, while still at school in Australia young Matt Belcher was given the honour of carrying the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. As Pantaenius get ready to launch into their fourth year operating in Australia, we get to see why they continue to grow their happy crew of customers. The Road to Rio 2016 still has a few curves, bumps and potholes for teams battling to win in Hyeres.
The Road to Rio 2016 still has a few curves, bumps and potholes for teams battling to win in Hyeres, at some World championship events and Weymouth World Cup but for most crews. Mitchell focussed largely on the circumstances of the matter and introduced into the public arena some interesting documents to support his claims. Some time ago now, Sail-World proposed that ISAF had a really good opportunity at hand when it morphed into World Sailing (WS).

While a host of major sailing events go from strength to strength, the Sailing World Cup has very major issues. Last night my Irish better half was sitting beside me on the sofa watching an Australian version of the popular TV Cooking Program My Kitchen Rules on a tablet with her headphones while I was watching Diehard II for the seventeenth time (it’s a boy thing) on TV.
AT: there are a number of regulations when it comes to designing and building an IMOCA 60 racing yacht which all teams must adhere to, and therefore of course our design had to conform to those regulations and standards. AT: this boat has been two years in the making and there are many unique features on the boat that are being used and implemented by the team for the first time.
AT: when sailing solo around the world, I have no team on-board with me, so am responsible for doing every job.
AT: I have sailed a number of times in a HUGO BOSS suit, however, when it comes to serious racing I am always kitted out fully in my HUGO BOSS team kit. I believe that designing solutions for these challenging environments, would give us excellent insights into designing for other situations, like people with disabilities – eventually ending up with better products for all. So you’re right, whilst it does look very cool, that’s literally a bit of surface gloss, when the really interesting design insight is deep inside!
Following a major refit, she now offers the unique opportunity for near race- speed fast sailing in an 80ft Maxi Racing Yacht combined with the ultimate in luxury cruising and culinary delights. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. And it's making a big come back as people realise the unique potential of this little boat. It isn't a sports boat speedboat, but it is a one design that doesn't get out designed and out dated. A key driver is the signalled intention by the International Olympic Committee to select a basket of events that will be contested.
One of them is Industrial Light and Magic, which has been instrumental in the making of many of the special effects that have made the digital world so impressive.

In the olden days we did not have television until I left school and they had a thing called print magazines, that reported events between two weeks and four months after they happened.
Why just lay the drop sheets out and tape up the edges of the windows for a splash of paint, when you could bring out the jackhammers and do a proper reno??? She suddenly spluttered and laughed, took off her headphones and motioned for me to mute Diehard. Sadly, like so many interesting innovations in sport, they have to remain secret till after the event! I created this site mostly for my own browsing pleasure, but if you like it too - all the better. Still winning – in January 2008 Longobarda announced her arrival in the region?s waters with victory in the Barbados Round the Island Race in a time of 5 hours 29 minutes. And they are everywhere and compared to Etchells, Sportsboats and other similar sized keel boats - they're as cheap as hell. Gone are the smears of Vaseline along the bottom edge of the clear filter to hide the trolley that was actually transporting Luke Skywalker’s Speeder, for instance. A call was issued for 200,000 sets of goggles and earmuffs to be supplied and for the real work to be commenced. It’s very hard to imagine the difficulty of basic tasks like opening a tin, pouring, eating etc until you have experienced it for real. We merely seek to use it as a way to demonstrate that when there is a lot of brouhaha going on, the smoke screen ultimately ends up as a lovely, colourful flag as to the real intent behind it. It is also 5% lighter than our previous boat, the navigational area – which is part of the boat that konstantin was involved in designing – has been adapted and we have some new and unique foils (foils being wing-like objects on the hull designed to help lift the boat further out of the water to help reduce drag).

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