Location: atlanta,ga Wind range Gary, what sort of useful wind range should it have? Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida scissors Gary, on my new movable ballast boat the wing pivots to trailer it. Location: auckland nz Bruce, with the two conservative (slight joke) wing mast versions and the reefable mainsail, the boat would be capable of handling most wind and sea conditions - albeit, probably very uncomfortable. So, most sane people will keep out of stuff like that but in the scissor foiler - hopefully it would be capable of getting you home. Location: auckland nz Doug, the dagger, IT rudder and the wing mast, (eh, naturally) with the male bearing at base, will have to be removed to pivot the beam - and there will be dihedral in the beam and cabin unit - so there will enough clearance to swing clear of the forward and after decks. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida The longer beam is a great idea-it'll unload the foils a bit and make the ama buoyancy a bit more effective. Location: auckland nz Beam and J foils (extended here) fit to hull when beam scissored.
Location: Tasmania pics just to keep the juices flowing can you put up some more photos of your existing foilers?
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Sporting wicked X-Star hull graphics, this boat is in your face.Building on the lines of MasterCraft's sophisticated Maristar model, the fully redesigned X-Star was introduced last year. We only have one small tri foiler around the club so my experience with them is very limited.

But there would be no way to swing the floats and foils over same, that would be too extreme a dihedral.
I had to put a total of 5degrees dihedral in the beam and was saved, in getting the floats athwartships (ahem) the trailer, by the sloping transom and inverted bow. It has a unique hull design said to produce exceptional wake quality, something wakeboarders live for.From a purely aesthetic point of view, the X-star's forked bow looks similar to a racing catamaran or tunnel boat. Bruce suggests unbolting the floats (but I want to avoid that) and Greg's idea of a longer beam makes perfect sense, leaving floats integral with the beam. I think if you can pivot your system without having to pivot the amas you'll be far better off-very simple.
Actually I still think it would be a good boat, simple straight beam, simple construction - but the hull cross sections need to be more rounded, semi circular. There are multiple storage locations located throughout the boat, massive in capacity and easy to reach by pulling on a seat back or cushion.
And the increased beam will only help the foils work better though if the wing is slightly curved(up at the ends) you might not need the xtra beam-at least to clear the mini-amas. My point is, a wing mast (as long as you have good spanner controls) is a very safe rig in savage winds, no flapping soft sail and other craziness.
While the tower's three-inch tubing (with solid billet legs and X-Star logos) encourages you to strap on a board, you can easily hide whatever other watersports equipment is brought aboard.The X-Star has a most unusual, spaceage instrument cluster called the X-Pod. In the hardest blasts I turned right downwind and stalled the rig out, even so I estimated we were doing well over 20 knots.

Three large torpedo-shaped machined billet aluminum housings hold the speedometer, tach and a skier's dream known as PerfectPass, essentially a digital cruise control system for towboats. Later we had to beat, in really hard stuff, 35-40 knots wind, under wing mast alone, and the boat sailed magnificently, pointing really high with easy steering control.
The carbon-fibre dash presents the driver with a full compliment of navigational aids for maximum control and visibility.For ballast, the X-Star features a single 60-gallon centre ballast bladder and two 36-gallon ballast glands flanking the 215- litre fuel tank. Bigger wakes translate to longer suspensions and higher altitudes for the wakeboarder.MasterCraft's cockpit layout is towboat friendly and also allows for socializing.
For secure footing, there is a rubber traction pad on the swim platform.High quality components, including pistons, hinges and hardware have been selected for the X-Star. MasterCraft's construction process is impressive and the company backs up claims with a transferable limited lifetime warranty.As a towboat of this calibre should, the X-Star delivers a wonderful ride, exceptional handling and the wake quality that wakeboarders need.
Without ballast, the boat feels solid as a rock, even as I cranked the hull into some pretty big waves.

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