That's the largest submarine in WWII and was one of those sunk by the US in the submarine graveyard in Japanese waters after the surrender.
It was, and still is, the only one that carried two aircraft within the boat; and, was so designed to attack the Panama canal and other targets of importance during the WWII era.
There have been some accounts that some U-Boats were sent over by Adolf Hitler at the onset of the hostilities to Japan.
And your next question - that is a somewhat complicated one - I have been reading up forum after forum, gobbling up feedbacks and least to say, prop selection is sort of like black magic. Hello, anybody who has the Kyosho Ice electric speed boat willing to swap with this ABC Bagutta RTR?

Comes with Futaba 2 channel controller, regular servo for rudder, SAIL SERVO for, duh, sail. I get frustrated trying to sail -- my younger brother seems to have a knack for it and manages to sail it well, but my sailing IQ needs help, and I prefer something that has a motor. It's good if you can find a forum which discuss the experiences of same boat owners like yours. Anyway, kung sa molino kayo patakbo, madali kong matunton yan kasi nakita ko na sa google earth, at dito lang ako sa binan, via GMA na lang ako siguro. Even at that scale it would still be big enough that converting one to RC would be not so difficult.

Your best bet would be to show up at the meet with your boat and get feedbacks from those in the know.

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