Bangkok and the surrounding areas has a busy race schedule - almost every weekend there is a boat racing event within a hours drive, from 26cc to small electric the competition is fierce and at international standard. As yet there are no noise restrictions on RC engines - it can be very load at a race meet but it does add to the fun - it has been said that if you have your fingers in your ears it stops you smoking, drinking beer and over eating.
A collection of free download plans for RC powerboats including mono hulls, Tunnel Hull Hydroplanes, 3 Point Hydroplanes and Shovel Nosed Hydroplanes - more plans are added monthly.
Plans for the model PT Boat are in Adobe .pdf format and are 300kb in size with 6 large format pages. A great model to use that old aircraft engine that has been waiting for a project like this. A tunnel hull design that is easy to build, no prop shaft or universal joints to buy - a great project if you have little time to spare.
You may only buy if you have been a member for 3+ months, sell after 6 months, no exceptions (learn why). If you aren't seriously interested in a purchase, don't reply to an ad unless you strongly suspect fraud.

Warning: Trading (item for item) is extremely risky and fraud-prone, and thus very strongly discouraged. Only doing this because i just havent found the time for the boat since i bought it off of Doby. If there happends to be someone interested in the motor and esc set up, and there is also someone interested in the hull. 118 Wollypower is a boat equipped with powerful gas turbines and Rolls Royce Kamewa water jet units, this small speed boat develops 80mph.
Another stunning fastest speed boat we will review is the Phenomenon, which develops a speed of 250mph. Of course choosing a vessel for your own leisure, you will not opt for professional boats and extra powerful engines. The general rules all boats are the used of brushed 400 motors with no more that 12 NiCads and No proportional RC control - on off speed control and steering by left or right hand prop full on.
What is even more stunning is that this vessel was designed and engineered by NASA, thus you can only imagine what it will be like to drive this boat at its fullest speed.

If you still want the fastest speed boat developing extra high speeds then choose one from the safest boats.
Before asking your boat trader to find you the fastest boat in the world first read this short review presenting you three top fastest speed boats ever. But believe us, this fast speed boat is something worth to possess as it performs a perfect combination of the fastest speed boat and a luxury yacht. The restrictions are enforced so the all contestants are on a level field and the winner is the one with the best ability to trim the boat and operate the controls - not somebody that has invested the most money in the kit. An 118-feet long vessel will be your best partner for extreme leisure and on water relaxation. By driving this boat you should be sure you have enough of water space to let if maximum free.

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