I visited this thread on the first day it was posted, and couldn't think of what it might be. Now that the guys have gone through the ideas, I'm thinking it may be a shelter-deck trawler, as used off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland. A small fishing vessel length< 24 meters (= aprox 80 ft) width aprox 15 ft depth aprox 5-6ft and max.
Twinrig is done with one net towed at the back of two ships (the twins) holding wide the 'arms' of the net with the 'pouch' of the net in the middle.

We in Holland do have a club of model-fishingboat-enthousiasts, rc-sailing our fishing boats with fully operational (scale)fishing gear. The Catherine incorporates the details of a display model combined with the great handling of a working model. This scale boat is completely built and has the drive and steering components pre-installed and ready for use. It's hard to appreciate the size just by looking at the pictures, but she sure looks stunning.

The all weather hatches, HEAVY deep vee hull and sealed deck hatches, make this boat full capable of taking waves over the front without an issue.
The large 6-volt battery that is situatued flat in the bottom of th hull provides ballast and additional stability and over 1 hour of running time.

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