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For All Shipments: Special labeling requirements are needed to safely transport any Lithium products.
International Shipments: Lithium Batteries are regulated as HAZMAT (Hazardous Material) products and can be dangerous if not packaged properly for transportation.
The US Postal Service prohibits international mailing of Lithium Batteries, as well as electronic devices that contain Lithium Batteries. Domestic Shipments: Both FedEx and the US Postal Service are available as shipping carriers for most Lithium Batteries and electronic devices containing Lithium Batteries. Please note that the US Postal Service does not transport Fuel and will not show up as a delivery option during checkout.
Rocket Motors, Rocket Igniters and Rockets are classified as ?Toy Propellant Devices? and can only be transported through Surface Mail with the US Postal Service?s Parcel Post.
Due to circumstances and regulations that are beyond RC Planet's control, batteries cannot ship outside of the US when using the United States Postal Service as the shipping provider. Due to distributor restrictions, the following brands are not available for sale outside of the 50 United States: Losi, Team Losi Racing, Blade, ParkZone, ECX, Hobby Zone, E-Flite, Vaterra, Dynamite, Pro Boat, Spektrum, JR Radio, Orion, and Hangar 9.
Send to a friend Send to a friend Thunder Tiger Olympian RTR Yellow TTR5127-F11YThis is the Ready-to-Run Olympian Speedboat in Yellow by Thunder Tiger.

RC boat kits face a common misnomer amongst many RC patrons which is that they require a huge amount of effort in putting them together. This misnomer comes to mind in light consider, RC Quadcopters for Beginners of the frequent observation that many RC patrons prefer going in for an RC vehicle that is completely ready to run in the true sense. They do not realize that in fact the RC boat kits contain nothing but RC Boats which are in a completely ready to run state. Thus, you should now be safely dismissing away such misnomers in your mind with regard to the functioning of RC boat kits. In conclusion, go ahead and enjoy your awe-inspiring journey with RC boats; when it comes to RC boat kits, remember that the same has actually just begun! As the name of RC Slow Flyers seems to suggest, these are RC airplanes that essentially fly slow. We welcome Remote Control experts and enthusiasts to submit their writings, be it about helpful information or some fun times you had - all work credited and links kept in articles. It may not represent the prevailing price in your area or a price that Tower Hobbies has ever offered for the item.
Affordability is a given and assembly is over as soon as you stand the mast and attach the bulb keel. While these orders are processed within our regular timeline this option is not a premium shipping method and due to stock allocation and shipping service they may take 3-10 business days to be delivered. Shipping under ORM-D means that the product will ship via FedEx Ground only, and cannot be shipped outside of the US. Certain large Lithium Batteries will always require HazMat handling and will only ship via Fedex. In smaller quantities, Lithium Batteries can be shipped via DHL without applying a HAZMAT fee.
These new regulations also prohibit shipments to or from Army, Fleet, and Diplomatic Post Offices. Please note that the US Postal Service has a limit of three batteries per shipment; you can refer to the Domestic Mail Manual for further information. RC Planet can transport limited quantities of flammable liquid under ORM-D (Other Regulated Materials for Domestic transport). However, RC Planet can ship batteries internationally using DHL International, but the quantity cannot exceed a total of 2 batteries with a capacity of 5000mah maximum.

In other words, when you go in for RC boat kits, you are basically taking up a lot of undue trouble. That is to say, they probably go to physical some of the RC Hobby Stores or an online why not visit, Tamiya RC Tank one and choose the particular model which appeals to them and at the same time, is surely in a state which deems the vehicle definitively in a condition that it can run off the cuff.
Most likely, the efforts required to be made in order to get the RC boat in a state of optimal running would be minimalistic. What you see in online also see, RC Nitro Powered Cars or offline RC boat stores as readymade RC vehicles, versus what you get in RC boat kits are pretty much the same.
Be sure to click on the free shipping option at check out to take advantage of this great offer.
If you would like to know more about FedEx and the safety precautions taken when transporting Lithium Batteries, please refer to the FedEx guidelines. If you'd like to ship more than 2 Lithium Batteries, a HAZMAT fee will be applied for transportation.
Because of these regulations, no US Postal Service shipping options will be available during checkout. When presented with RC boat kits, they are often perplexed with regard to the time and effort it would require them to invest in order to have the RC vehicle run. These could be in the form of obtaining the batteries and chargers as well as fitting the receiver on to the RC boat so that it can receive the signals that you send out from your transmitter.
Ultimately, what will matter more will be your own skill checkout, Fast RC Boat and dexterity with regard to operating RC boats. For larger quantities of fuel (Example: case quantities), it must be transported under HAZMAT. Of course, you also have the option of opting out of certain items contained within the RC boat kits in order to get a customized look and feel for your RC boat. Whether or not the same has come from RC boat kits or you bought the vehicle ‘as-is', it really would not matter at all.
Transporting as HAZMAT means that the amount of fuel is considered hazardous and will be subject to shipping by Ground services, including a HAZMAT fee for the special transportation.

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