Once you have posted the first picture, look for the cursor on the bottom right hand side of the picture & hit ENTER. I recently purchased an older 45 foot wooden lobster boat that I will be rebuilding and converting into a lobster yacht. Novi lobster boats - or more accurately, Cape Island boats - are notorious for sagging aft quarters.
I cannot seem to attach any pics on here, I could email them to you if you would be okay with that?
Ya I tried following those directions and put them on Flickr and thats what I got, nothing. When you use the insert image function here, selct URL, and make sure you uncheck "retreive remote file . I finally figured out how to post some pics on here and I hope by seeing some pics some of the people on here can answer a few of my original questions? We have been designing and building wooden and steel boats at our Fethiye boat building work shop since 1986. We designed and built our first 17 meter steel yacht of Bruce Roberts 53 design which began chartering in 1987. In T?m Tour Yacht Charter all kinds and dimensions of wooden and sheet iron yachts can be constructed by professional skilled workmen in our 3,5 acre shipyard accommodated in the Marmaris - Bozburun area. Before celebrated with champagne, a yacht is built within 6 to 12 months considering the size of the yacht.
Our company extensive experience in boat building; we have the necessary facilities, equipment and skilled personnel. Most vessels are now built in Bodrum, Bozburun, Istanbul and on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.
The number of passengers the gulette can carry depends on the accommodations but usually the figure is between eight and sixteen. There are basically three types available of Gulet in Turkey, the standard Gulet, the Ayna Ketch and the Tirhandil.
For the prospective buyer of a Gulet all that is really needed, is to know the basic difference between the three types and the advantages and disadvantages of each depending on its intended primary function.
The standard Gulet is similarly shaped to the Tirhandil with a rounded and undercut stern,but usually larger. Despite generally being the superior sailing vessel of the three, have less aft deck space for Blue Cruise voyages, they are not as frequently commissioned by local builders and thus remain elusive. Tirhandils are workhorses of the Mediterranean last 2 thousand years and is similar to its cousin, the caique, and the Greek transport vessel called perama. This is the ultimate in Charter Gulet development, a compromise between a sailing Gulet and functionality as a spacious charter boat. Do you like working with your hands and want to become qualified in an industry that will allow you to work all over the world? The Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction prepares student to perform a wide range of tasks in the Boat Building industry. You will also be guided by Qualified Trades People so you know that you are getting the best training available. Graduates will be able to apply for trade recognition as a qualified tradesperson in the marine craft industy.
If undertaking study in Australia for a minimum of 2 years you may qualify for the Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa. Have a read through this article which details how by studying the right course it could greatly increase your prospects of obtaining a permanent visa. Over the five years to November 2018, the number of job openings for Boat Builders and Shipwrights is expected to be low (equal to or less than 5,000).
Employment for this occupation fell markedly in the past five years and fell in the long-term (ten years). This is a very small occupation (5000 in November 2013) suggesting that opportunities may be quite limited in some regions. If you are interested in studying Boat Buiding in Australia contact Pathway to Aus to speak with one of our Education Agents. Kindly let me know the best three schools in boat building in Australia and the criteria for which they are considered such.

There is only really one option for international students to study boat building in Australia and it is on the Gold Coast. We spent a few weeks and a few hundred dollars back in 2007 building the SS Jacob and it was a blast! Like all new and exciting things, however, the boat was eventually set aside as fresh interests worked into the heart and mind of my fast growing young man, who is now dangerously near passing me in height at the strapping age of 15. Here’s a news flash about wooden boats: Like a fine musical instrument, they will last forever but only if you lovingly care for them, use them, and keep them in “bristol” condition. It just so happened that I was looking for a new project, I needed a chance to try out some awesome new work-ready clothes from Dickies. The first order of business was to remove the rotten wood so we could see just how deep the damage went and determine what the repair would involve. West System Epoxy is a great product for boat building and for just about a million other uses as well. Since I felt like part of the blame for the rot was in the fact that the plywood didn’t hold-up the way I expected, we cut the replacement parts out of solid pressure treated lumber. Installation was accomplished using screws to hold the material while the epoxy, which was applied liberally to both the boat and the replacement parts, dried and cured overnight. For the longer board, as seen in the pictures, we also used a few clamps to be sure the curve of the boat’s rail didn’t put too much stress on the screws.
After letting the epoxy cure overnight, Jacob and I set about removing the clamps and sanding down any excess epoxy that remained on the boat surface. Sand off what you do have the very next day…if you let it sit for a few days it can get so hard that you can barely remove it.
As it was, we didn’t have too much difficulty getting the surface of our repairs and surrounding area smooth and ready for finishing. Due to the time constraints of working with epoxy in the 100-plus degree Florida heat (heat makes epoxy set faster), there were a few gaps here or there that were too large to fill with just paint. The paint, which was done almost entirely by Jacob, is Petit EasyPoxy in Bikini Blue and White. The end result, as you can see in the pictures, was just as rewarding this time around as it was the first, and Jacob is happy to be back on the water.
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The stern was sagged 5 inches on starboard side and 3 inches on port side, I jacked it back to where it should be but want to ensure it stays that way. I want to re plank the whole deck and am wondering what kind of wood to use, petfect world I would use teak but it is too expensive. I have a plan to re-launch in spring of 2015 but am worried 18 months out of the water may ruin the boat, it has pretty much been in the water since '76, how can I ensure I do.not destroy it. Inside the cuddy is planked in Douglas fir and I am thinking of using douglas fir for all my brightwork. I plan on having the whole boat watertight, right now the deck just leaks everywhere, washboards are not tight, should I use something in bilges to prevent rot? They have a lot of boat hanging off the skeg and horn timber, and are often heavily-loaded in that area, especially when rigged for dragging a trawl or scallop rakes off the stern in the non-lobster season. This was of traditional wooden Turkish charter gulet design with ten cabins and finished to a high standard. Construction takes place in our shipyards which is donated with latest technology throughout the year. We have experience in constructing almost any kind of boat, cruising yachts, of metal and wood.
They were used for fishing and carrying cargo consisting mainly of amphoras filled with olive oil and wine. As a matter of fact the boats built in Bodrum and Bozburun are so popular that they are referred to as "Bodrum-Type yachts" or "Gulettes". It is still built of wood which gives off the ambience that only wood can give, but modern technology provides the comfort and the safety. All three types are essentially motor sailing yachts, raising their sails when the wind conditions are most suitable. The increase in dimensions, the addition of a mast or two and subtle modifications to the hull make more room for forward and central cabins, and of course make it more suitable for chartering.

Yet it is the tirhandil, more so than the gulet, which carries the most traditional elements of Aegean sailing boats of the last two millennium. More suited to motor cruising than sailing, though its design still allows some sailing opportunities in favorable wind conditions.
Pathway To Aus is Partnered with some of the best Trade Schools in Australia so you have the piece of mind knowing that the Education you are getting is the best. Looking forward, employment for Boat Builders and Shipwrights to November 2018 is expected to remain relatively steady.
Eng in Polymer Engineering and have been designing and building boats for about five years here in Nigeria. Happily, we found that only the outermost piece of a three layer rail along the top edge of the hull was ruined. It’s very strong, completely impervious to water (although the wood itself is not), and relatively easy to work with. They say these are work clothes and work-ready they certainly are given the ease of movement and tough durability of the cargo pants and the t-shirts which soak up sweat in a manner that defies the laws of physics.
I have never taken on a project this big before but really want this boat done and all wood. And if it was a Bay of Fundy based boat, it probably sat on the bottom twice a day, dried out and unsupported as it leaned against the wharf during low tide, further stressing the framing.
The Forum software will resize some large images, so look at your post to see the actual displayed images. The Forum software will resize some large images, so look at your post to see the actual displayed images. Over the years the gulette has evolved into its present shape of a broad beam and a wide deck. The size of the boat and the number of passengers is conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere amplified with the friendly attentions of the crew.
The squared off and deepened stern allows for the inclusion of cabins below a raised rear deck, ideal for outdoor dining.
Australia is recognised for providing highly skilled and technologically sound boat builders.
Many graduates use this time to build up experience in their field or find an employer that is willing to sponsor their visa.
Once the student receives a positive skills assessment they may be eligible to apply for permanent work visas such as State Sponsored and General Skilled Migration Visas. Further information about job openings and projected employment growth is available on the Help page. The result was a frighteningly large section of rotten wood on one side and a smaller section of the same on the other side. But unlike the images that come to mind when you think “work clothes” the selection of jeans, shoes, shirts, and cargo shorts from Dickies (available at Sears and Target) is, IMHO, seriously stylin’. These boats were usually built of softwood with oak frames and Doug fir backbone, and were expected to have a life span of only twenty years or so.
We take photos of different stages in the building of a boat to show the customer, and we are of course ready to answer any question pertaining to the construction. It was also used as a fighting ship, and extensive exploration and trading voyages were made with the gulette.
The beam cross section is also deepened to eliminate as much as possible the inward slope of the hull in the cabins.
Some, of course, were built of better materials and cared for better than others, but usually the fisherman wanted to keep his investment as low as possible, and knew full well that he would have a new boat or be retired from the sea before the boat got too bad.
They have been built in different parts of Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean region of Greece and Turkey. 15 years of its live it was in Grand Manan and used as a lobster boat and for tending weirs and maybe 2 years as a scallop dragger.

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