I think that the main difference here is that with Regal292 is an aluminum dash panel with the faux wood print over it, whereas Yanmar's is all plastic. On my '95 402, I have some edge-chipping of the surface clear-coat on both panels - nothing that comes close to what Yanmar is dealing with. Here is another company, like the one Our Time sent; also, an excerpt from their web site.Does anyone know if Regal manufacturers its own panels, or do they have them OEM'd? The owner's new vessel has arrived and his xxxx Commodore has to go.  BRING ON AN OFFER !
The wraparound convertible salon is light and airy with all the amenities for comfortable cruising. The galley features a Corian countertop with built-in stove, molded sink, refrigerator and lots of storage.
The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. Looking at the picture and from the OP's statement, there will be many of these panels failing. You may want to check locally and find a machine shop that could use your dash as a template and cut you a new dash from carbon fiber material, it is cool looking material.
Mine isn't nearly as bad as yours yet, but it definitely doesn't look the way it should considering the condition of other dashes I've seen.

Comfortable midcabin interior with cherry cabinets, Corian counters, set class standards for finish, decor. I have all of the mechanical records and just recently replaced impellers, oil change, drive fluid, transmission fluid and fuel filters.
A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. I can understand not stocking parts for older boats on an item that seldom, if ever, breaks or wears out. By chance are you putting any kind of protectant or chemical on the panels that might be breaking down the clear on the dash panel? I also needed the Commodore 402 stick-on rubber decals last year and they found them as well - apparently, the last two in existence. Now would be the time for folks that have signs of the same Regal panel problems to voice their interest. It's as though they are saying 'It's out of warranty; good luck finding the same item we had custom made'. Never had to use any kind of protectant or chemical on the panels because soap and water always did the job. Sometimes it seems to depend on who you speak with at Regal and how much leg-work they are willing to do.

Your older model just could have been made of, or produced by a more reliable parts supplier. Also, it took the greater part of a month to get an no answerer from Regal or two of it's dealership.
I have been considering switching to a flat panel dash somehow, just haven't figured out how to design it yet. One dealer seemed to suggest that the was old and you can't expect support for that old of a boat. I guess we should all go out and purchase a new Regal every 5 years because the dash degraded, give me a brake, the part was of poor quality just look at some of the automotive panels, they last for decades. I am worried that Regal stopped stocking replacement parts on all their new boats soon after production. If you have to replace the panels the polyurethane will outlast the aluminum panels and there will be no pitting or corrosion to deal with.

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