When the jump seats are in position for sitting in, Lift the jump seats forward to gain access to the rear Livewell? In our Ranger 620 there is a plate next to the capacity plate (people, wght, HP) that shows on plane riding positions.
The new Triton 186 both Fishunter and Allure have Jumpseats in the back giving seating room for 6.

This image gives you a comparison between a Triton 215, Triton 192 and a Ranger 2050 Reata to scale. As you can see the fish and ski models have a larger cockpit area and are actually wider than the 215.
The top edge, of the seat, when layed forward would be the leg support of the casting deck.

I even went to the extend of buying a lower pitched DAH prepped 19 p Rev 4 and ran that with 3 or 4 guys in the boat.

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