All our boats for rent have all permissions to navigate, a consession license and insurance and from equipment belts for adults and children, first aid, canopies for shade and a map for orientation. All these vessels provide an ideal opportunity for lovers and families to drive off and see all these mentioned beaches to feel the unforgettable atmosphere of natural mediterannean environment and crystal clear sea.
There are also many vast citrus plantations and olive groves, that stand out from the entire local production and are the basis of the island's economy.

As of the XIV century, the town belonged to several noble families such as the Chiaramonte and the Montaperto families. Under the Spanish and Bourbon ruling , the city experienced a period of progressive decline, and was ultimately set free in 1860 by the intervention of Garibaldi. Numerous and remarkable are the monuments present all over the city, among which we mention the Cathedral, erected during the XI century by bishop Gerlando, that has a Chapel dedicated to the same bishop, and the Chiesa di San Nicola (Church of Saint Nicholas), XIII century, that is now an Archeological Museum.

During ancient times, it was one of the three metropolis along with Athens and Siracusa, and was homeland of remarkable philosophers such as Empedocle and dramatists such as Nobel Prize Luigi Pirandello.

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