In case of damages or breakdown, security deposit will be available the next following business day.
All boat reservations are held a maximum of 30 minutes and then become available to the next renter. For rental periods over 7 days, please contact us for an individual quote; we will reply as soon as possible giving you our best offer. Garda Boat offers to rent new boats fully equipped to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip.
Pleasure and fishing boats for rent in southwest Ohio at boat dealers, rental centers, outdoor stores, marinas and boat rental agent locations offering a wide variety of watercraft for rent.
Listed below find boat rental dealers and other resources offering boats for rent for use on Buck Creek State Park Lake, Caesar Creek State Park Lake, East Fork Lake, Hoover Reservoir, Rocky Fork State Park Lake, Mad River, Paint Creek and other waterways in Ohio. Find boat rental dealers and other boat rental locations within or nearby cities, lakes and attractions in western and southern Ohio.
If you are looking for a specific type boat for rent, chances are one of these dealers can assist you. To improve your boat renting experience, click here to locate resources for safety equipment, water sport toys and boating accessories in southwest Ohio. Enjoy boating in southeast Ohio with a rental boat that is designed to carry the members of your party.

Runabouts are great for families and small groups to go sight seeing and cruising the lakes. Ski boats and speed boats are well suited for of three to five who enjoy water sports such as water skiing and wave boarding.
Aluminum boat rentals are best suited for parties of one to four planning to travel short to mid-range distances. Bass boats are designed for two passengers and are ideal for most fresh-water fishing, and some inshore fishing. Find a boat to rent and take the family and friends out on the water for a day of making memories.
Check with your insurance agent to be certain you are covered while boating in a rental boat.
Each boat renter will be required to leave a Driver's License, which will be returned upon check-in of boat and equipment. In case of damage or breakdown, security deposit will be available the following business day.
If you know you are running late, please give us a call and we will hold the boat until you arrive. If you need to cancel because of weather or any reason, we have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

Our 40 hp fleet comprises open motor boats with no license required, fitted with 4 stroke ecological engines to reduce environmental pollution and fuel consumption. Find pontoon boats, fishing boats, jet skis, family boats, canoes, kayaks and other personal watercraft. Boats offered for rent typically include canoes, jet skis, family boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, inflatables, jon boats, ski boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis and others. Boating safety classes are available in most areas to get you familiar with safe boating procedures.
Check with Buck Creek State Park Marina, East Shore Marina or Shawnee State Park Marina for information on local boat rental options. Most often they have a safety railing and a canvas or metal top to reduce the amount of sun rays absorbed by passengers. Some boats offered are confined to specific lakes while others are available for travel to other bodies of water. Many waterways are marked with hazard buoys - be certain you know the meaning of these various buoys.

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