April 5, 2016 By Karen New deckboat coming soon to Carefree Boat Club Virginia Beach’s variety of fleet!
Imagine taking the family wake boarding in Broad Bay or cruising down to the oceanfront for quality time with your family and friends…. Efficient Fuel Economy: Less time at the pump means more time in the water and more money for bait.
Full Throttle Excitement: With a forward keel designed to cut through the water like a knife, high-octane pleasure awaits. The Chesapeake Light Tower is is a key navigational aid to maritime vessels as they approach the Chesapeake Bay. The tower provides data collection for various scientific research projects, as well as sea and weather conditions as an integral link to the NOAA marine reporting system. Carefree Boat Club is looking for qualified operators to help bring the boat ownership alternative to new cities across the nation. Lake Gaston Rentals offers this adorable A-Frame Waterfront Home, with an upstairs loft area, great view of the lake, and a boat dock.
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A brand new 230 Chaparral SunCoast with a wakeboard tower has been ordered and we are all excited for its arrival. Chaparral brings a whole new look to outboard sport deck owners with more seating capacity, storage space, luxury, quality and performance than you ever thought possible at 23-feet. The hydro-lift provides a quick plane time, creating one of the most fuel efficient boats in their class.

This historical tower is located approximately 13 miles off the shores of Virginia Beach, Virginia. In effect, the Chesapeake Light stands as “king” over its expansive graveyard of sunken barges, box cars, tires, tug boats, and entangled masses of steel.
The tower was originally manned by a team of four before it was converted into an automated station. Reports from the Bait & Tackle shop are that people are catching tuna in the last few days. A federal permit is needed for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species: tunas, billfishes, swordfish, and sharks.
We see a big trend in continued growth in this industry and are offering licenses throughout the country.
To the delight of anglers, this submerged array of structure provides a perfect kingdom for a community of different fish species, including black sea bass, flounder, tautog, triggerfish, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and even super-sized cobia. To the delight of anglers, this submerged array of structure provides a perfect kingdom for a community of different fish species, including black sea bass, flounder, tautog, triggerfish, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel,tuna, and even super-sized cobia. The responsibility of a seagoing lightship station was to act as the navigational aid at the entrance of the bay.
The most spacious bow area you’ll find at 23-feet includes plush wraparound seating, full height backrest cushions and confidence minded safety rails. Chesapeake Light is supported by four concrete-filled steel legs buried 180 feet within the ocean floor, designed to withstand the violent sea conditions frequently presented by the treacherous mid-Atlantic waters.
It is also a destination for those that enjoy free diving, spear fishing, and scuba diving.

Lightship Chesapeake sported a bright red hull, adorned with the word “Chesapeake” in huge white letters.
It is a federal law that boaters must keep a distance of at least 500 yards from endangered North Atlantic right whales.  Boating too closely can result in injuries to both the whales and the people. You often hear stories in the news of tuna being sold for $70,000 even over a million dollars. A tuna cannot be sold directly to a restaurant, you must sell it to an authorized federal buyer.
Neither listing broker(s) nor Exit Town & Lake Realty shall be responsible or liable for any typographical errors, mapping errors, misinformation or misprints. Enjoy sure footed dockside access via an ultra-wide walkway complete with flush mount latches.
The all-steel constructed 133 foot lightship was exceptionally seaworthy, enabling the ship to remain on station during the most adverse of weather conditions. Instead of a simple transom-mounted engine design, the 230 SunCoast features a fashionable wraparound swim step. The innovative design not only provides excellent access for watersports enthusiasts, but adds to the overall styling.

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