A pretty, light, tough, roomy and easy to build 7 foot 9 inch pram dinghy that can be rowed or sailed. An easy to build rowing and sailing pram dinghy that splits into two nesting sections for compact storage.
An 11 foot 7 inch clinker style pram dinghy that performs beautifully when rowed, sailed or motored. The Pixie is a fun car-toppable beach catamaran that sails well with one or two crew and is popular among people who are new to sailing catamarans but who are not that interested in racing. The Strike 15 is a high-performance racing trimaran with folding outriggers designed to be easy to sail by older or less experienced sailors and easy to launch from the beach.
The Strike 16 is a dry, comfortable trimaran for four-person day-sailing or two-person weekending. The Strike 18 is a dry, comfortable trimaran for family day-sailing with an optional, removable, cabin top to convert it into a pocket cruiser. A light and stable 10 ft trimaran that is very easy and fun to sail and can nest for compact storage. The Zest is a single-handed racing dinghy with a plywood hull and comfortable sitting-out wings.

Light and easily removable outrigger floats that turn a canoe or kayak into a formidable sailing boat or a stable fishing platform.
This 7 foot 6 inch clinker style stem dinghy is our highest selling little boat and probably our most attractive one. This is a sturdy boat that will make a good tender but it is also proving popular as a pretty boat for private ponds or lakes. This attractive clinker style rounded bottom traditional stem dinghy has 6 panels per side and is very roomy for her length. Following several requests the carrying handles, motor cut-out and transom stiffener are now a part of the standard kit. This is not the easiest of our boats to build: no greater skill is required but one operation requires a little more patience than is normal for our boats. If, later, you decide to purchase the kit the cost of this printed manual will be deducted from the kit price.
This manual does not contain the plans of the panels with the cutting instructions so it is not possible to build the boat from scratch using only this manual. An electronic, non paper, version of the study manual above that can be viewed only using Adobe Reader.

After credit card authorisation the file will be sent to the email address put on the order form.
Run-support plans and kits for a gravy diverseness of reflection methods designed for the home boat builder. Catamaran Plans Catamaran plans for sale includes slow to follow manual detailed power catamaran plans. See items Listed in a lower place are dissimilar canoe kayak and rowing owner plans we have here you can sauce give the lot purchase plans for owner of bonanza you throw on the building. This boat is built using CLC's patented LapStitch™ joints which means that the result is a remarkably stiff and strong hull that has the appearance of traditional lapstrake or clinker planking.
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