Much of Black Dog Design’s work can be seen in this photograph of sailboats at Mountain Harbor. The photograph above shows boat covers, bimini tops and frames, mainsail covers, line bags, helm covers, and even a cover to protect the boat name on the stern from the elements. The custom covers on this Hunter sailboat not only protect the mainsail, cockpit and bimini, but there is also a cover to protect the boat’s artwork on its stern! All projects are custom and require careful measurement and the making of patterns prior to cutting and sewing the fabrics. Mike designed and fabricated the frame, and the fabrics were then patterned to work with the new frame.
Black Dog Design is located near beautiful Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, about 25 miles west of Hot Springs, AR, at the intersection of Highway 270 and Mountain Harbor Road.
Most of you are familiar with the saying that a€?Power corruptsa€¦a€? that might not be as true as most of us would take it to be.

Dooxa, Qadar; Xafladii furitaanka ee xulka gabdhaha kubadda koleyga ee Soomaaliya oo ka qayb galaya ciyaaraha wadamada Jaamacada Carabta oo lagu qabanayo magaalada Dooxa ee dalka Qadar.
Gobyar Media Group do not indispensable responsible opinions and articles written by the authors and contributors. It turns out, having arrived to Bimini Bahamas despite our engine troubles back in Fort Lauderdale, that our engine really does have a problem. But the good news is that we located our exact heat exchanger at Jerry’s Marine in Fort Lauderdale for $300 and we’re able to get a local Bahamian airline to cargo ship the part to us on Monday for a mere $25.
We’ll be posting more on our engine shortly, but as we don’t have a heat exchanger in hand yet to install, and since we’re happily stuck here in Bimini, there is nothing left to do, really, but run and cycle around the island, go snorkeling, lay on the beach, have barbecues, eat fresh conch salad and drink rum cocktails. I’m not trying to be rude or snarky, but had you considered sailing around just with wind while waiting for the part to your motor? Bimini frames can be fabricated according to customers’ wishes and the space available on the boat.

And it turns out that the neighbor we ignored back in Fort Lauderdale (you know, the one who was telling us our heat exchanger was bad while swilling his wine?) Well, he was actually right. Don’t tell Ryan, but I’m actually thinking that if we’re lucky, maybe that part will arrive late.
Maybe that will be true later on down the line, but up until now, we’ve been SO GLAD to have our bikes.
We’re just so much more mobile, we can cover so much distance, and we see so much out on our bikes.
These two things, stirred together, have cooked up this travel blog aimed at bringing you tales spun from dusty roads and unforgiving seas.

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