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The Sailboat concept by Peugeot Design Lab is a vision of a 30-meter luxurious sailing yacht with a roof integrated in the monocoque structure. This concept of a monocoque 30-meter sailing boat offers an original architecture which integrates the roof perfectly in the line of the shell, with very long flush glazed surfaces, providing an exceptional level of natural interior light, worthy of a loft. The rigging is built in under the bridge, freeing space and allowing completely free and safe movement on the boat.
Its great simplicity in use and control delivers great pleasure and safety on board without sacrificing performance or style. This unique construction offers the advantages of being both light weight and sturdy… yet flexible. They offer a range of monohull swing keel and monohull ultra-light displacementfin keel boats.
Each boat can be tailored according to the wishes of the owner, making it unique in its internal layout & design. This unique feature provides steadiness in open waters and access to shallow waters for pleasure and safety. For the first time, the strength in construction of ALUBAT and the performance in engineering by Marc Lombard, have come together to create the UFO 365. In the market for large boats travel, Ovni 445 is the best expression of quality manufacturing Alubat and progress of naval architecture: more performance, more elegance and comfort, and always dinghy Full 100% Aluminium. Though stiff canvas and canvas, with a large waterline length, Ovni 445, designed by Marc Lombard boasts excellent performances from the small time and incomparable comfort seas. UFOs from head to toe, this luxury full dinghy proudly its aluminum hull chines and 50 feet. Very easy to handle, a small crew easily pulls the quintessence of these ULDB * in comfort. CIGALE Another peculiarity of their vast square in the rear cockpit to accommodate more than eight persons: friendliness guaranteed.
This project carried out in collaboration with Marc Lombard The Site ALUBAT wanted to focus both the progress made in recent years by naval architecture, and advanced techniques of construction.
The deck plan shows that the aluminum material can also be elegant: rounded, integrated way halyards and flush scuttles are the main attractions. The hull of the 16 CIGALE chine has more form stability and more power, allowing the boat to carry more sail.
Appendices, keel and twin rudders, designed by Marc Lombard , thinner, are designed to make the most of this beautiful hull. The deck layout, simple and effective, allowing reduced to exploit the potential of the boat crew effortlessly.
Alubat welcomes you to dream of your perfect sailing vessel and works with you to make it a reality.
Its facilities blond teak are both generous and luxurious: the large square is designed for long voyages and the magnificent master stateroom has a beautiful bathroom with separate shower.
Your boat will be unique because it will be the fruit of a long exchange between you and the men and women working at ALUBAT.

Ovington Sailboats began in 1975 in a small corner of a workshop owned by Dave Ovington's father. Alubat has pioneered the design and engineering of aluminum, lifting keel sailboats and pride themselves on their in-house team of naval architects including Philippe Briand, Jean-Marie Finot, Michel Joubert and Marc Lombard. This vessel is a success in performance, and surprising in comfort, which has drawn approval from the sailing community.
The cabins are large, spacious square can rotate around the table and facilitating the flow. Its exceptional cockpit by its size and ergonomics, combined with the elegance of its roof make it one of the most successful of his generation boats. The technical space generously sized and easily accessible eventually convince the most demanding. After the remarkable output of 58 ALUBAT presented at the Grand Pavois La Rochelle, the new CIGALE 16 which was last year at the Nautic, we want to tackle in the manufacture of two UFO decidedly new. Ballasts on each model allows the boat to keep a slight heel ensures comfort and performance. The result is a more efficient CIGALE 16, more elegant and confortable.100% New, 100% Aluminum, 100% Cigale Elegance ~ ~ Clean lines and a fully open deck. Easily operable by a small crew area aft maneuver emerges well ahead of the cockpit dedicated to the life on board. Its smoothness and efficiency to the sea add to the security of its central cockpit which very protected to return all maneuvers. Dave started out building wooden boats in the corner of that shop, most notably he built race winning Enterprises.
After being employed by a sail maker for some time, he struck out on his own and founded Morgan Racing Sails. Upwind and downwind, over long trips or coastal cruising, the UFO 365 will satisfy the most demanding sailor. Great boat trip gasoline, Ovni 445 offers very large amounts of storage space and technical very accessible for easy maintenance. With 120 m2 of canvas near a waterline length of 13.25 m and two rudders, the UFO is accurate to 495 bar, well balanced and very effective.
The architect Marc Lombard , the desk study of the site, Philippe Aupinel, President ALUBAT, work for a while. Always 100% full aluminum dinghies, these boats offer ease of communication between saloon and cockpit, a tender garage in the same cockpit. Featuring a stylish and elegant hull shape, the CIGALES 14 and 16 designed by Jean-Marie Finot are from the race. The large rear deck would like to receive the Annex swollen and tender at anchor an area of incomparable beach. The most accepted and largest selling boat Islander built was the 36’ sloop, commonly identified as the I-36. Gulfstar Yachts was one of the few firms to ever build both sail and powerboats, the Gulfstar line expanded dramatically over the years, and the company became one of the leading yacht manufacturers of the 1970s and 1980s. Just the first of the series he left the interest in this beautiful boat designed by Philippe Briand is huge.

From December 3, they will be able to present on a map UFO 52 UFO Evolution and Evolution 43. This boat is of fiberglass construction with a wood cored fiberglass deck and cabin roof and is fitted with a skeg mounted rudder and a fin type keel. Gulfstar entered the modern motor yacht market in 1981 with the introduction of the Gulfstar 48 MY. These two boats are both faithful to the past of the brand and breaking with previous models. He also pioneered the application of vacuum bagged foam sandwich construction for lightweight dinghies. Responding to the decline in sailboat demand, Gulfstar ended production of its sailing models in the mid 1980s and concentrated on its line of motor yachts.
A damn good news for ALUBAT coming through a difficult period but resolutely turned towards the future with the placing on the market of two UFO in total sync with their time.
His quest for lighter more modern boats eventually brought him to the forefront with the use of high performance epoxy resins.
Earlier models used the teak and holly floor with a combination of white fiberglass and teak accents on the bulkheads in the living areas. Powell and Paper Tiger went on to win the Southern Ocean Racing Conference not just once, but two years consecutively in 1961 and 1962. The success of Paper Tiger prompted a design for a smaller version, the Tiger Cub, which Morgan was unable to find a manufacturer for. He decided to take on the project himself and in 1962 the Morgan Yacht Corporation was born. They have built themsleves a solid reputation for quality boats and outstanding customer service. All Ovington boats are built by hand using modern materials and processes in their facility in the north east of England. In addition to their factory-designed products, Ovington is also able to design, develop and build boats to specific client requirements. The earliest models included the Tiger Cub - the one that started the legacy - and the Morgan 34. In 1968 Charles sold ownership of Morgan Yachts to Beatrice Foods in order to fund the building of Heritage, a 12m wooden yacht with which Morgan would compete for selection as defender of the America's Cup. Today the company continues to grow and prosper and maintains the respect and admiration of the boating industry that Ovington worked so hard to earn. The Out Island was first introduced to the market in 1971 and soon became extremely popular with charter companies world wide.
Beatrice Foods eventually sold ownership of Morgan Yachts to Catalina Yachts in 1984 who redesigned the Morgan Out Island 41 and sold it from 1986 to 1993. Morgan's Heritage Yacht Corporation was sadly forced into bankruptcy and ownership of that company was transferred to Catalina Yachts as well.

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