Introduction: As sailboat designers know, the hull characteristics that keep a boat moving efficiently, resist handling difficulties and keep a sailboat upright, are sometimes in conflict.
Most modern sailboats give nearly equal attention to stability, load-carrying ability and a speedy hull, with perhaps a slight tilt toward one factor or another, depending on the designer's special aims. Sailboat hulls are designed to pursue a straight-ahead course with as little disturbance of the water as possible.
The portion of the hull shape that minimizes leeway is called either a keel or centerboard depending upon which is used in the design of the boat. NOTE: It is best to set up the tank outside the building, but it may be possible to have it inside. Ask students to suggest some considerations and goals for sailboat design (speed, stability, capacity). Introduce students to a variety of sailboat and sailing ship designs using books, magazines, and the internet.
Attach the sails to the masts, and attach the masts to the hull, making sure they all stay upright. In the testing tank, each boat will sail with a "following wind and following sea," and must sail straight without running into the shore or sinking. Each boat will have three trials to determine how much weight it can carry while still sailing at least six feet. Evaluation: Students should record the speed and distance sailed before the boat hits the side of the tank. This project was supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation (Proposals # TEI-8652383, TPE-8955214, and ESI-925324), the Henry L. Unless otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Tell your family and friends to 'Like' your design for a chance to win the $150 Crowd Pleaser award! This 1991 200 Series Ericson built by Pacific SeaCraft is in very nice condition and is located at our facility in Noank, CT.

The Ericson 38, 200 series, is known for its cruising comfort aboard with performance underway. Sleeps 7, two in V-berth, dinette to port converts to double, one starboard settee, 2 in aft stateroom, head aft to starboard.
Vindo Yachts are strongly constructed full keel, ocean cruising boats built to high quality standards in Sweden. One of the Ferenc Mate?s ?World?s Best Sailboats?, This beautiful ocean cruising veteran is offered for sale at far below replacement costs. In the nearly "pure" racing sailboats, speed-producing elements are emphasized to the detriment of other factors. At the same time the boat is moving forward, wind pressure on the sails is pushing it to one side.
This fin-shaped feature in the bottom of the hull allows forward movement, but increases the side profile of the hull thereby increasing lateral resistance.
Support the boxes with books or large rocks where needed to withstand the pressure of the water when the tank if filled. Love to sail, but don't always have the time (or the boat)?Get all the benefits of one-design sailboat ownership, without any of the hassles of maintenance! Thoughtfully designed by a Naval Architect for superior racing, entertaining or chartering, this vessel can open opportunities for business ventures under sail. Ideal for two couples or for a family, this boat offers privacy and spaciousness in the interior and includes plenty of room under sail or on a mooring. The 38 offers a spacious three cabin arrangement with a nice galley, two heads, and warm varnished mahogany joinery. She has been lovingly maintained for the past eight years by an owner passionate about wooden boats. All boats, sail or power, are compromises, but sailing craft embody more trade-offs in their design than do other types. This lateral movement of the boat in the water is called leeway and is partially counteracted by the hull shape.

Students may want to design their boats so that the sails can be adjusted to control the effect the wind has on the sails and the direction the boat sails.
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