The goal of the GAMI project was to improve upon the concept of a radial scaffold which is used to enable workers to perform water tower tank interior maintenance. Collections are special groupings of patterns that are sold together at an economical price. An interlocking pattern that is a perfect match for FL1001 (Fleur Flourish) or any of the Heart Fleur patterns. First in series of butterflies - features two versions, usable as a motif, border, or allover design. This delightful continuously sewn pattern features dolphins leaping from gentle waves and diving back in!
Two delightful dolphin motifs will add sparkle to your ocean or seaside theme quilt projects. Two dolphin motifs, one featuring a ribbon linking the two are perfect for accenting blocks.

This classic pattern features both 8 and 6 petaled designs as well as including the original "single" unit so that on the PCQ you can use the "create" command to generate other options. This classic pattern features both 8 and 6 double circle designs as well as including the original "single" unit so that you can use it to create patterns using the features to create circular arrays that are now available in many programs. Minor amounts of overstitching give detail to this great pictoral pantograph that features a sailboat afloat on smooth waters surrounded by seabirds and fluffy clouds.
Two distinctive designs of swans, one for a block and the other for a border or all-over design.
Our beautiful swans are joined with hearts in the pantograph version, and swim free in the motif version of this updated classic pattern. This simple, fast sewing stylized version of tulips includes two different styles which vary the size of the flower portion of the design. Package includes a motif, pantograph with a bull rush and dragonfly, AND a dragonfly meander.

A perfect match for our popular Teddy Love pattern, Bunny Love is fun and suitable for quilts for young children of babies. Our bunnies use minor amounts of overstitching to add detail, yet are large enough to sew fairly quickly. Improvements included a pneumatic winch for hoisting the apparatus, a basket at the end of the lift, and a solid truss structure for support.
Unlike our regular pattern sets, most collections are only offered in a single format to facilitate downloading and generous price breaks.

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