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Caye and I just put the finishing touches on a quick DIY rudder, tiller, centerboard and all related hardware for our Alcort Sailfish sailboat. Apparently the Alcort Sailfish never gained the wild popularity of her younger sister, the Sunfish and as such only saw a limited number of production hulls (300ish I believe), before being discontinued in the late 60s. Our main research goal for the project was simply determining the form and dimensions for the rudder and centerboard (I was more than willing to improvise on wood selection and creating the metal hardware with some scrap metal, a machinist vise and our little Hobart wire feed welder).
This boat has teak coaming caps (a Pearson option) a double stern rail, and double lifelines. This photo shows the fuel tank cubby hole storage on the starboard side of the cockpit on a 1976 P26 (#1205).

Fuel tank shelf in port cockpit locker removed, cubby hole location for OMC 6 gallon tank added at aft end of cockpit on starboard side, starboard locker hatch shortened to accommodate. Reference made to old style lifelines on hulls 1-650 in Pearson Yachts Parts Catalog 1-1-75. The Lowell Sailboat is the only model from Lowell’s Boat Shop that is designed with sailing performance as the primary consideration.
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For a quick overview of the boat and how it came into our possession, see Introducing Papaya, our Alcort Sailfish. With its outstanding performance by oar, sail or power, this boat is the most versatile, all round recreational design known to us at Lowell’s Boat Shop. Caye also posted a number of the nicer photos from the project: photo links If anyone is looking for more guidance, just leave a comment here and we can work through some solutions together. So, long story short, there isn’t a whole lot in the wide world of web to help out the curious backyard boat repair person. The product photo of his beautiful Sailfish rudder was a sufficiently accurate profile to the extent that we were able to load it into Photoshop and create a nice outline.

For the portable option Pearson added an extension to the floor area where the head mounts.
It has a lapstrake dory-type hull of traditional design that has been modified to provide fast, able performance with safe sturdy construction. Next step was to print the newly made outline and trace it onto some transparent plastic (recycled packaging) with market, hook up the old overhead projector (salvaged from Beloit College dumpsters) and trace the design onto cardboard at scale.
Oars are all that are needed to navigate when there is no wind; however, the broad transom easily accommodates a small outboard engine. A variety of sailing rigs are available depending of the boat size and the buyer’s preference. Portable units are available today that have smaller footprints and will more easially fit the OEM space for the marine head.
To get the shape, we drew out a rectangle with the the aforementioned dimensions and sketched in the shape while looking at a few Googled photos.

Boat plan pdf sample
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