In today’s online drawing lesson I will be showing you all "how to draw a sailboat", step by step. In this second step you will be draw out two slanted vertical lines that are close together which will be the ropes that are attached to the boom. As you can see once you are done with this third step your two sails will start looking separated.
Now sailboats are beautiful and graceful when they glide among the ocean waters as the wind blows then to their desired destination. The first thing you want to do is draw out a large triangle for the sails and then a rectangular shape for the hull. Draw another short vertical line coming from the tip of the mast and connect it to the arched line that is off to the left, this will eventually be the headsail. Here you will add some detailing designs to the mainsail and then when you are done you can thicken the rope attached to the boom.

You want to make the sail look like it is being blown by the wind so make sure the lines have a twist to them.
Once that is done finished drawing out the top of the hull and add a wheel like shape all the way to the right. Draw out the lining to the bottom of both sails and then add the rope and the detailing definition lines to the hull design.
A sailboat consist of a mainsail and a headsail which are two very large pieces of cloth like attachments that are roped up on a very tall thick piece of wood called a mast.
The mainsail is attached to a “boom” which is a long horizontal piece of wood that it is tied, connected or attached to. On smaller boats instead of having a headsail there is a “jib”, all three sails are triangular in shape and are used to catch the wind to move the vessel in the direction that the captain wants to go. All these parts of a sailboat are of course attached to the “hull” which is the main frame and body of the structure.

When I was drawing out my boat I wanted it to look like it was bright, bulky, graceful, and fun.
The initial sketch was done on my Wacom tablet and then after I got the perfect shape, feel and look, I stared to color it in. I used a vibrant color design on the sail so that the colors went well with the blue water that it was sailing on.
I will be back in a bit with some more great drawing lessons for you all, in the mean time tackle this tutorial and add some of your own creative output.

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