Mandrel-bent tubing, along with T-304 stainless steel make the now-classic A3 Stealth exhaust system by B&B a real work of automotive art. We do know this: you're going to absolultely love your Billy Boat Audi A3 exhaust system just as much as we loved building it for you. For most, that would be enough--but we know that Audi A3 owners, besides having their inherently striking-good-looks, also demand top-shelf performance upgrades. Since 1989 Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has designed, tested, and manufactured the finest hand-made exhausts in the world.
This gil exhaust System is specifically designed to improve the performance of stock or mild high-performance engines equipped with gil exhaust diverters. My exhaust travels from the exhaust injection elbow down into what I guess is a wet exhaust lift muffler (a fibreglass box) and then up and out the boat. 1) The exhaust hose must loop up 18" above the (heeled) waterline (to avoid water coming in from the thru-hull I assume)? 3) You need an anti-siphon in the hose that feeds the water to the exhaust injection elbow, right?
Thanks - great images - I'll be following Figure 1 of the 2nd image but regarding that siphon break - my engine is right in the centre of the salon (covered up with a big seat) so I can't just go straight up high enough. The first question is were is the injector line of the exhaust in relation to the waterline???? If you do not put a valve, then, like "type H", water will continually flow out from the pressure in the system, right? As usual with our easy-to-install exhaust systems, this is a simple bolt-on replacement for the factory system.
Completely reengineered the PRT system allows you to have a mild exhaust note at cruising speeds yet a forceful note on aggressive driving.

The tradition continues today as we develop the highest performing exhaust systems for your vehicle. This System consists of cast aluminum gil exhaust manifold header-style manifolds and stainless steel risers, which are Gilcoated inside and out for maximum protection. There isn't one now, so would I just put a Y in the hose and lead it somewhere 18" above the heeled waterline and terminate it with an inverted U and a check valve?
If some seawater amd pressure gets diverted to the vent from the exhaust injector in that a problem? By utilizing the factory mounting locations this exhaust system requires absolutely no cutting, welding, or modifications for installation. Our unique purge chamber allows for our highest-standard true straight-through exhaust passage--even under aggressive driving conditions--that all Billy Boat exhaust systems must meet before we send them to market. Over 3 generations of fabrication and racing experience were poured into this B&B Audi Stealth exhaust system, as with all Billy Boat exhausts. The complex yet simple design gives you the increased sound and performance you are looking for with its straight through design on moderate to hard acceleration and then the unique purge chambers cancel out the unwanted interior noise during low rpm cruising speeds. Gil's Manifolds are Gilcoated** - inside and out - proven to protect better than traditional marine coatings. On a standard MerCruiser® system, the Magnum Choice riser couples up directly with the gil exhaust Diverter (sold separately).
Or can I just make a Y in it and lead one part over and up to a check valve (which I think would still break a siphon)? It's just that it's a rubber squeese valve like in the toilets, vs a mechanical valve like for a thruhull. All Billy Boat Performance Exhaust systems for the Audi A3 come complete with mounting hardware and are direct replacement for stock exhaust systems.

All of our Audi products are well-respected in the industry, and we take great pride in that. No one else in the industry has been doing this, with this much attention to detail, for nearly as long as we have.
Exhaust Pipes are designed to keep cooling water separate from exhaust gasses to maximize exhaust flow and avoid corrosion of internal engine components. Four-inch fully water jacketed gil exhaust pipes are available for standard rise Bravo Engines.The Gil Stealth Exhaust Diverter System allows you to go from thru-transom power to thru-prop quiet with a flip of a dash-mounted switch.
Cast aluminum gil exhaust housings, Gilcoat finish, stainless steel and composite hardware ensure years of performance from your gil exhaust. Perhaps it's the 200-cell high-flow metal catalyst in the down pipe, or the 3" CNC mandrel-bent tubing that really allows your A3 to exhale properly--or the combination of these Billy Boat Exhaust-specific characteristics coupled with our handmade, human involvement from order-to-install. Most in stock.Gil exhaust systems,This thru-transom dry Exhaust System is designed for ultra high-performance engines, especially those with high overlap cams and other performance enhancements. Polished stainless steel water jacketed exhaust pipes, which extend thru the transom, discharge water separately from exhaust gases,gil exhaust,thru hull exhaust,thru transom exhaust,boat exhaust,Gil exhaust systems,gil exhaust,thru hull exhaust,thru transom exhaust,boat exhaust,Gil exhaust systems,gil exhaust,thru hull exhaust,thru transom exhaust,boat exhaust. Guaranteed for life against corrosion, rust or burn through and two years for materials and workmanship. Cast aluminum housings, Gilcoat finish, stainless steel and composite hardware ensure years of performance.

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