The Caribbean bareboat charter monohull sailboat, the Saga 409, is the first of a new series of more stylish performance-oriented cruising boats.
Built by Saga Yachts and designed by Tony Castro, this charter bareboat monohull model is intended to be a good performing cruising boat. According to designer Tony Castro, the design concept began by identifying the weights and designing a hull for a realistic displacement and performance in cruising mode and with good tankage and storage capacity.
The hull canoe body has quite a low prismatic coefficient, first to help light air speed , which cruising boats need most.
The low VCG bulb keel helps enormously in achieving a very high righting moment which was considered essential for extended cruising with a angle of positive stability someway beyond 120 degrees. The very high ballast ratio will give the boat plenty of stability, far more than usual, and will make it a enjoyable and comfortable boat to sail.
The deck layout is as simple as possible with the majority of the controls brought back to the cockpit. This barefoot charter yacht demonstrates the builder’s commitment to safety and strength.
The Saga 409 bareboat monohull sailboat is available for charter in Tortola, BVI (British Virgin Islands, Caribbean). When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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If you want to race and spend the weekends on a boat I would suggest something in a 30 foot range. Spirit 54’ Soufriere achieved lasting fame when she was built for Daniel Craig and Eva Green in the famous James Bond film Casino Royale in 2005.  Following her movie debut and ten subsequent years of cruising and competitive racing, it was time to give Soufriere a makeover. Currently for sale through Spirit Yachts’ brokerage, Spirit 54’ Soufriere is designed for an owner looking for a balance of performance racing and relaxed, comfortable leisure sailing. Sporting a slightly larger and more powerful rig than the Spirit 52’, Soufriere excels on longer passages and in regatta racing.
With a modern superstructure and interior design, the bareboat charter Saga 409 is intended to respond to contemporary desires of a more ergonomic and stylish feel and blend it with all the classic requirements of a seagoing sailing yacht.
Thus, with room for two couples, or a family of four, this Saga 409 Caribbean bareboat monohull is the perfect vessel for a Caribbean yacht charter vacation. The aft section is very straight for a very clean stern wave and it is moderately fine forward, with a slight V in the sections to reduce slamming. The fin is designed with a modern low Reynolds’s number airfoil section for extra low drag at typical boats speeds. A 3-Spreader Selden rig supporting a non-overlapping jib was chosen for its simplicity, long-lasting and to use as soon as the wind gets up.  In the foremost furling forestay, there is a light air sail, with large overlap for light winds and reaching.
Safety by having boats with adequate stability and a seamanlike layout.  Strength of Saga Yachts continues to make them well-built to last.

With an impressive light displacement of just over eight tonnes, Soufriere has an extraordinary power to weight ratio, but still has all the space and capacity required for cruising.  Following an already extremely successful classic racing history, Soufriere placed second in Class 1 Modern Classics, won the ladies race and took line honours in the Round the Island race at this year’s British Classic Yacht Club Panerai regatta. The twin steering wheels with controls available to hand and large sailing instruments for better viewing will make it very nice to sail. The rudder is a deep high aspect ratio with a normal NACA section with modified trailing and leading edge to provide light feel and yet good effective control.
Twin wheels provide good visibility and allow a clean passage along the center of the boat to the transom. The cockpit seats are long enough to sleep in, are very comfortable, and are deep enough for protected seating. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. Care was taken to design the bimini and dodger to be well-integrated with the deck design, which is so important when you are cruising.
Aaron said in one thread that he likes boats under 30 feet in the ocean because of the way it sits nicely in the trough between swells.

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