Often when I have an idea but I’m not sure how to paint it I Google paintings of the object.
Starting with the light blue base paint your whole nail then draw the bottom of your boat with any bright colour you choose, adding the dark blue water around it.
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I love having painted nails on fingers and toes but would not be able to accomplish any designs; good for you. I’ve never actually been on a sailboat before but it’s something that is definitely on my bucket list and having mini sailboats almost makes the dream a little closer to reality.

I’ll take ideas from what artists have painted on canvases and that helps me visualize the design if I’m having trouble.
Next you make waves with a medium blue with them splashing up into the space of the bottom of your boat.
Now your sailboats are real and you can image yourself on the deck, with wind in your hair and sun on your skin. I’m not sure what exactly made me think of painting Sailboat Nail Art but I wanted something different than anything I had painted before, which is something that is getting hard to do, and this is what came to mind!
This design is fairly easy you just need to make sure you put the colours on in the right order.

Now add your brown mountains in the background and outline the sailboat with the brown too. Also use some black to outline the boat, and the mountains, but make sure to wipe most of the polish off the brush before using it, you don’t want to get too much black, it’s meant to enhance, no cover up.

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