The ASGARD design shown here at 66 feet on deck (20.1 m) is much larger than the James Caird. All Web Site Graphics, Layout, and Written Content at this Domain Created by Michael Kasten. Intended for ocean passages and inland waterways the gaff ketch SHIRAZ will certainly accomplish the task in comfort and in style.
A graceful single chine hull form was chosen in order to achieve the maximum performance per dollar. Given the refined hull form of the SHIRAZ, the theoretical hull speed will be exceeded fairly easily.
Being a thoroughbred sailing vessel as well, SHIRAZ' range is not limited by her fuel capacity. Using this approach, the longevity of the rig is excellent, outlasting stainless rigging several times over.
In "The Aero - Hydrodynamics of Sailing" Marchaj has provided ample evidence that the loose footed sail is more efficient than one which is laced to a boom.

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Number and Type of Drawings: Drawings are CAD, Lines, general construction, sail and rigging plan, general arrangement.
The second concept is the 60’ house aft, midships hold, “schooner” style boat.  This boat carries her payload more centered, but it’s hard to get fish from the stern forward when trolling, though there’s no problem when longlining.  Accommodation is divided between the deckhouse and the foc’sl, which may be a plus on long trips!
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