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Other sizes 8~120inch can handmade oil paintings from this photo "original paintings sailing boats 28425" painting will free shipping in 7days and delivery in 12days to any where. If you thought portable buildings were only good for accommodating small teams of two or three people - it's time to think again.
For all of the details about our retirement, and for the full MacGregor 26 website, click here. The roller furler allows the size of the jib to be controlled from the safety of the cockpit. Unless the water ballast tank is completely full, with 1000 pounds of water ballast, the sailboat is not self-righting. The MacGregor is big, but relatively light, and excessive crew weight can overpower the basic stability of the boat. When operating with an empty ballast tank, keep the crew weight aft, low in the boat, and centered from side to side. If the waves are larger than one foot, they can induce a lot of rolling motion and compromise stability. If you are operating where the chance of outside rescue is slim, where conditions are rough, or where the water is cold and uninviting, fill the ballast tank. Never sail or power with the ballast tank partially full (except for the few minutes that it takes to drain the tank when you are under power). If the valve or vent plug is open, even slightly, the motion of the boat can drain the ballast water from the tank or allow the boat to fill with water.
At high speed, the daggerboard and rudders create lots of sideways lift and can cause the boat to be unstable. DO NOT ALLOW ANY PART OF THE BOAT, TRAILER, MAST OR RIGGING TO COME IN CONTACT WITH ANY SOURCE OF ELECTRICAL POWER.
If you are caught in an electrical storm, don’t touch anything that is metal, including the mast, shrouds, boom, lifelines, rudder, tiller or metal hardware. BEFORE TRAILERING THE BOAT, MAKE SURE THE NOSE OF THE BOAT IS TIED SECURELY TO THE TRAILER. IF THE CABIN OF THE BOAT IS ENTIRELY FILLED WITH WATER, AND THE BOAT IS DEPENDENT ON THE FOAM FLOTATION TO KEEP IT AFLOAT, IT WILL BE VERY UNSTABLE, AND MAY TURN UPSIDE DOWN. WHEN RAISING AND LOWERING THE MAST, DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO STAND WHERE THE MAST OR SUPPORT WIRES COULD FALL IF SOMETHING, OR SOMEONE, LETS GO. BE READY TO RELEASE SAIL CONTROL LINES (SHEETS) QUICKLY IF A GUST OF WIND CAUSES THE BOAT TO LEAN EXCESSIVELY. MAKE SURE THE OUTBOARD MOTOR AND MAST ARE ATTACHED FIRMLY TO THE BOAT WHEN THE BOAT IS BEING TRAILERED. WHEN RAISING AND LOWERING THE MAST,  DON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO STAND WHERE THE MAST OR SUPPORT WIRES COULD FALL IF SOMETHING, OR SOMEONE, LETS GO. Burgess Marine is proud to have been chosen by the Owner’s representatives to provide marine engineering expertise for the refit of a Classic 1938, 64m Motor Yacht SHEMARA, during its three year refit program. The Motor Yacht SHEMARA, once famously owned by Sir Bernard and Lady Docker is to undergo a major, Class approved, restoration and refit program of works on the UK’s South Coast, at Trafalgar Wharf, Portchester, Portsmouth.
Burgess Marine, having completed a DNV approved hull and underwater dive survey of the Classic Motor Yacht in Lowestoft in October 2010 has been assisting the Project Team from the outset. Mr Cutts comments “to be part of such a unique and challenging project is personally very exciting, but moreover it’s great news for Burgess Marine.
Mr Nicholas Warren, Burgess Marine’s Managing Director, goes on to say “working so closely, in a truly integrated fashion with the Project Team is fantastic. Burgess Marine Ltd is a UK based Ship Repairer, including both planned works and emergency support. As a primary partner of BAE Systems Surface Ships Ltd the company has contractual approval to utilise the dry-dock infrastructure within HM Naval Base Portsmouth for Superyacht projects, support and dockings. The footprint offers six useable docks; 2 x dry docks 255m x 30m, 1 x dry dock 186m x 28m, 1 x dry dock 140m x 24m, 1 x dry dock 133m x 24m and 1 x dry dock 121m x 21m, and has excellent availability throughout the 2012 season. Sailing Yacht INFINITY (ex COBRA SULTAN) was built in Turkey by Cobra Yachting and Boatyard and launched in 2011.
The 45.3 metre yacht Infinity was built by the famous yacht Builder Cobra Yacht from Turkey and also features interior design and engineering by Cobra Yacht Design. Superyacht Infinity is well equipped for charters with the latest in entertainment systems and technology and a full range of water sport toys on board. Yacht Infinity (ex Cobra Sultan) is spacious with a beam of 9 metres and draft of 3.93 metres.

The rate above incudes the Crew, Airport Transfers, Fuel ( up to 4 hours cruising per day),All harbor taxes & dues within the Turkish Territorial Waters, Water Sports ( including Wakeboard, Water ski, Knee Board, Fishing Equipments, Keno, Sea Bob, Jet-Ski).
Cobra Yacht are proud to present their stunning 46 metre sailing yacht INFINITY (ex Cobra Sultan) , available for 2011 luxury yacht charter.
Superyacht Infinity is a beautiful motor sailer with a beam of 9 metres, draft of 4.20 metres and a displacement of 230 tonnes.
Cobra Yacht’s INFINITY accommodates up to 12 guests in five luxurious and comfortable cabins.
Yacht Infinity (ex Cobra Sultan) features hull and deck construction materials made in wooden laminated method, with shell planking in four layers of Acajou. Amenities on board of the 2011 yacht Infinity include a wakeboard, water ski, knee board, fishing equipment, keno and sea bob. Well, you aren't supposed to post stuff for sale here, so best thing is to slyly get another Forumite to notice the sale and post a link.
The basic rule, is you can post something on craigslist, but only if you have no personal interest in the matter.
I certainly have no involvement in this at all, and with that said, I'll have to say that these are pretty neat folding boats. In our offer we have used sailboats for sale and used motorboats for sale, as well as new yacht models for sale. The Titan Energy-Saver building means you can reduce energy use and carbon emissions even further than the energy-efficient Titan. Delivering all this with the flexibility and attention to detail that we required was a tall order for any supplier.
For example, when pulling a water skier, when trying to conserve fuel, when a faster ride is desired, or when you are in the process of filling the tank.
Anyone on the cabin top will have a natural tendency to grab the mast or mast support wires if the boat tips. With the water sloshing around in the tank, the center of gravity of the water changes rapidly, which can make the boat relatively unstable. If either the vent plug or the filling valve is open, ballast can be lost when the boat leans over.
The forward speed of the boat can create enough wind to capsize the boat if the sails are up.
If you hit something at high speed with the daggerboard or rudders down, you will stop really fast, and may damage the board or rudders . The mast is light, but it is up there, and, like any other weight aloft, reduces stability. If your mast or any part of your boat or rigging comes in contact with a power line, you could be killed or injured. Check with your car manufacturer or dealer to determine if the weight of the boat and trailer is within your car’s towing capacity. To protect your back when removing the trailer from the car, use the hitch jack or have an adult hang on the back of the boat to take some weight off the tongue.
Lines should be free of kinks and knots so they will run freely through the pulleys when it is necessary to let the sails out quickly. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Having successfully towed the ship to Porchester the Project Team has Seconded Burgess Marine’s Technical Director, Mr Ray Cutts, to a permanent project team role responsible for marine engineering, structural repairs and renewals, and mechanical installation. We look forward to overcoming the challenges and playing a big part in creating the finished article.
In recent years we’ve completed works for Southampton Yacht Services, Pendennis, HYS, Trimline Superyacht Interiors, and onboard the charter yacht Infinity, the sailing yacht Hetairos, the J Class S.Y.
Technical teams work internationally, and have extensive as well as proven Superyacht experience, supporting Pendennis, SYS, and HYS in the UK. The facility is state of the art, and all external sub-contract parties are free to work on the site.
The charter yacht Infinity is based in Turkey however the beautiful video of her below shows the 46m MS Infinity sailing along the coast of Monaco in the Western Mediterranean. This spacious sailing yacht has a fuel capacity of 16 000 litres and is powered by 2 Volvo D16 650 HP 1800rmp engines to a speed of 14 knots of cruising speed. The charter rate excludes Crew Gratuity, Alcoholic Beverages, The Private Marine Fees, Food and Soft Drinks ( 80 Euro per Day per Person), The Harbor Taxes & dues within the Greek Territorial Waters.

She features two Westerbeke 45 Kw generators and a twin Volvo Penta 650 hp engine powering her up to a maximum speed of 14 knots. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. This vast office, classroom or flexible workspace can be craned into position on your site, ready for immediate use - usually within a day. This, combined with Local Authority Building Control LANTAC approval confirm compliance with all relevant Building Regulations and Building Standards. Portakabin was the only company able to match our exact specifications and to promise delivery within the timescales we had in mind. Since only a few miles per hour are lost with a full tank, we recommend that most of your use of the boat be with a full tank. The rear of the hull is relatively flat, and the nose area has a deep V to allow the boat to slide through waves with less slamming. You might think that the tank is full, and that the boat is self righting, but you may be unpleasantly surprised by an unexpected capsize.
Wave induced problems, particularly with large crew loads, or crew weight high on the boat, can cause an upset. There is a lot of junk out there that floats just at the surface, and it is often barely visible. When conditions are marginal, (high winds, waves, lots of crew weight, etc.), lower the mast and secure it to the pulpit and mast carrier. Do not change the position of the knot, and make sure that it is in the same position if the line is replaced. Many experts recommend that a heavy gauge copper wire be securely fastened to one of the shrouds and allowed to hang in the water to carry off the electricity from a lightning strike.
Batteries can produce explosive gas, corrosive acid and levels of electrical current high enough to cause burns.
The project has the potential to represent a major element of Burgess Marine’s ship repair and refit work between 2012 and 2013. Recently Burgess Marine has worked onboard the motor yacht Bystander, the sailing yacht Velsheda, the Hetairos superyacht, and the charter yacht Infinity as well as a 44m Feadship and a 64m Classic Motor Yacht. Burgess Marine will be available to support the Superyacht Cup, the J Class regatta, and the Superyacht fleet on, and around, the Thames, in partnership with MGMT, during the summer 2012 Olympic period. Infinity’s decks are constructed of marine plywood, with 15 mm Teak planked Brimania. We have Pricess, Sunseeker, Fairline, Cranchi, Bavaria, Elan, Jeanneau, Beneteau second-hand yachts for sale. If the transom valve is left open, or partially open, the forward motion of the boat can drain the tank.
It is extremely important to check the control line frequently while powering to be sure the board has not come loose and lowered itself. Always wear eye protection or shield your eyes when working near any battery and remove all metal rings and jewelry.
The Portsmouth facility is ideal for both planned Class certified dockings or emergency repairs.
The magnificent yacht Infinity provides spacious accommodation for up to 12 charter guests in 6 cabins and has a crew capacity of 7. Obviously, it is best to have the crew positioned so the boat sits or rides level rather than leaning to one side or the other. This is particularly important when the boat is pounding into waves and things tend to get jiggled loose. The project is a once in a lifetime challenge, a unique opportunity, and a significant step forward for both Burgess Marine and independent Superyacht refit works here in the UK.
Masts, wires, or wet fiberglass are good conductors of electricity and can carry current directly to you.
We all believe that this refit will change the way Owners look at the major overhauls of their yachts, and that’s a very exciting prospect”. If you have boats for sale or if you are looking to buy a boat, we are yacht broker in Adriatic specialized in yacht trade in Adriatic.

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