If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive cruising sailboat with traditional character, our FANCY FREE should fill the bill. The FANCY FREE is an ideal boat for the couple who wants to do weekend or vacation sailing along coastal waters where shoal draft is critical. Because this boat is lightweight, FANCY FREE is ideal for trailering and pulling up on the beach for the night.
Learn how to fiberglass the easy way, by looking over the shoulder of an expert who is working on actual boats.
John's Sharpie is based on the design of an old New England work boat, updated to provide an 18 foot boat that is a spirited day sailer and an able camp cruiser.
These plans and manual contain sufficient information on the cutting of the panels to make it possible to build the boat from scratch. When the tide goes out from under your boat you want a nice soft spot for your boat to sit on for the next 10 hours or so. The HFM as loaded with water, fuel,food staples for 6-8 months,all my tools , books , clothes , large dinghy,and on and on of what we want to have to be sailing off the grid and be mostly self sufficient is about 32,000 lbs. When we built our house here in the Bahamas we carried over from the states a distance of 395 miles on average 3-4 more tons of supplies on board. When building the original Hogfish my friend Wyatt Huggins that worked For Tom Fexas yacht designs as Chief engineer for 30 years traded my rebuilding a skiff of his for a complete set of stability calculations . I believe the only way to roll one over is by a sea action and that would have to be from a mistake of the skipper.
I have tried when launching them on sea trials to sail into huge squalls under full sail to try and nock them on their sides. The bottom of the Hogfish designs are made from 3 layers of marine grade plywood glued with 2 part epoxy. The problem with Jim's Alert was the hull was strip planked cedar and had only a supper thin skin of Dynel covering it so you could poke a hole through the skin with a small conch.
Now I use an ablative paint and if you are sitting in one spot for a month or so and you have not anchored yourself well enough to not be moving back and forth when the tide changes then you will polish off the paint on the curve of the bottom.
From my observations most aluminum boat people and steel ones try to be very carefull when grounding out as they have to deal with corrosion when the paint wears off. They have huge rudders which make them a challenge to steer even with a wrack and pinion system. He over came the steering problem by putting a trim tab on the trailing edge of his rudder and used an auto pilot to steer the boat most times through this trim tab.
In today's world you could still have the old looks but go to a modern kick up rudder and put the masts more vertical. I'm sure you're right that HFM can't be knocked over just by wind, by probably most boats can be capsized by a combination of strong wind and high, breaking waves.
I've looked on your blog and Facebook site for the data you mentioned, but have not seen it.
I will be off sailing next month for the next several years so will be otta touch for long periods as internet and my time, interest will be in another world. I have posted many photos of Bolgers Alert, Matt laydens Paradox, Hogfish , HFM sailing, sitting on the bottom and being built.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Jeff,It has been 3 years in the making but we finally have the Inagua ready to put in the water. Binks sells and outfits a range of boats, kayaks and yachts and can supply you with a fully kitted yacht.
We have selected various boat classes and compiled a list of products associated with these boats which can be either custom made or supplied by Binks Marine. Design Information The International 505 is one of the most popular high performance dinghies sailed worldwide. Design Information The International 420 was designed in 1959 and is 4.2m in length, sailed with two crew members (one on trapeze) and is a one design class. Design Information There are an extensive range of keelboats, too many to list here, but if you are after equipment for your yacht check out our online store or send us a customer enquiry telling us your needs. Design Information The Sabre is a single-handed dinghy constructed from either timber or fibreglass. The yacht is fully self draining and in the very unlikely event of a capsize will be empty when righted.
The open transom makes it easy to board the crew when leaving the beach, a very helpful feature when sailing with younger children.  This is a particularly important safety feature when retrieving crew from the water. The large fully enclosed self-draining compartment under the cuddy cabin provides dry stowage for camping equipment if the yachts are used for overnight excursions or a place for lunch and drinks on a day sail.

Ease of raising or lowering of the moulded fibreglass dagger blade by sliding up and down in the fibreglass molded rudderstock.  There are no fiddly pins or ties needed to keep the rudder down. The weighted moulded fibreglass centreboard is basically neutral in weight in the water making it much easier for young crews to raise and lower.
The jib is equipped as standard with a furling system enabling it to be rolled or set in seconds.
Long comfortable moulded bench seats running the full length of the big cockpit enable the crew to sit comfortably and securely on a heel.
In the series of pictures that I propose to those taken by famous photographers Beken of Cowes, here is probably one of the only boats rigged junk they photographed at the end of the 19th century. Location: USA Chris Morejohn has started a blog where he is posting designs he's developed over the years. That sounds a hell of a lot like complete codswallop, or else someone is ignoring the fact that Colne is inland and that Heathen Chinee would have been easier to load onto a railway wagon. He was someone who followed the example of Brit Chance with the 1972 (approx) IOR boat Equation.
Hull draft with board-up is just 8", yet the ballast gives reassuring stiffness in a breeze. There's full headroom above the berths, plus the comfort of a settee with a hinged drop-leaf on the centerboard trunk. Its stitch-and-glue construction produces a lightweight hull, while the two cockpit design adds strength and stiffness and provides seating for up to four adults.
The forward cockpit has two braced seating positions one on either side of the dagger board case: the rest of the cockpit is flat and un-impeded like the aft cockpit. The manual describes all of the techniques that will be used during the building and also a step by step guide to construction. I have been carrying around for years 2,000 extra lbs of lead pigs that I have salvaged from a wreck that I plan on selling. This includes weighing each piece of timber in the design, all mast calculations and done with the water tanks empty, full, and the centerboard up.
Having sailed in many gales down wind in up to 18' seas I find them to be excellent sea boats. They just go over till the wind spills out of the sails but still somewhat under control.never have I had the sheers in the water for a second except for that fN ship. I will photograph and post all this data on my facebook site as it seems to transfer there the clearest. It takes about 15 minutes for the tide to float the boat so not much bouncing but if a sea is coming in then you run out a kedge and all it takes is a few little bumps and the seas will lift you off to get back in deeper water which will mean about 5 " more depth. I have a crash box system that I adapted from a Gold Coast Catamaran design from when I worked there years ago.
It was commissioned by an old friend David Cosby to haul freight but never did under his ownership.
I install most of the interior when the boat is upside down as all the dust just falls down on the floor. I will be off cruising soon so I just wanted to say thanks for including my boats in your discussions on shoal draft boats. Many of these products can be found in our online store, but if you cannot find the one you're after send us a Customer Enquiry and we will send you more information as soon as possible.
The 505 is an exciting boat to sail and with its speed and acceleration it offers great racing at every level. The class is ideal for a crew weight of around 170kg and because of this has become a very strong youth class worldwide. They are sailed mainly in South Australia and are a modified Sabot with the addition of a deck, bowsprit and a jib. It is 3.43m in length and is an ideal stepping-stone between the junior and senior classes. The class is used not only for fleet racing, but is quite commonly used for team racing and sail training. Every one is built to incredibly strict class rules which prevent expensive go-fast extras – a major part of the appeal. It is ideal for people of all ages and competitors in this class range from teenagers to sailors into their late seventies. It is 6 metres in hull length and has 3 crew members (skipper, mainsheet, forward hand on trapeze).
I found this picture in a small frame in an obscure office while in town in Grenada while I was building a house there. All frames have straight contours using standard materials, and standard 4' x 8' sheets are used for the planking.

The light displacement and large sail area makes this boat a surprising performer, even for the racing skipper.
The galley area is adjacent to the hatch for standing headroom and the portable head slides out from under the bridge deck for use. Since the Sharpie uses a daggerboard, it is easily beached and, if fitted with boom tents, it can comfortably camp-cruise for two. If not when the water comes back we would have about a half an hour of bumping before lift off. The board will stop the boat like a keel but as I wrote you just release the down line and up pops your keel so problem over. Must be a real challenge prepping and coating such a large surface while working on your back.
More than two thirds of the medal winning sailors at the last two Olympic Games, and over 85% of the medal winning skippers at the Beijing Olympics were former Optimist sailors?
These additions improved the boats performance and make them suitable for a crew of two young children to learn to sail.
Because when you race a Laser you know that everyone around you is in exactly the same boat.
With its powerful sails the Sharpie gives a combination of speed and excitement, especially in the strong wind range.
Our various accessory kits include all the hard-to-find items required to equip your very own in "sail-away" condition.
While not intended for long distance open ocean use, FANCY FREE, when heeled, forms a "vee" at the water for an exceptionally dry ride.
A portable ice chest is also located under the bridge deck, accessible from either the cockpit or from inside the cabin.
The Sharpie is a superb performer without the complications of a racing boat: it is light enough to be beached by two people whilst being capable of accommodating four.
The kit is sold without any seating so that you can configure the accommodation how you want it.
My bow sprite hit his side and I ran down the length of the ship with the wake nocking me on my beam ends with the mast in the water. He sold the boat last year and then tragically died a few months later in a car crash on ice.
But considering that the boat is fairly narrow, with a lot of free board, and a 30%, or so ballast ratio. The gaff sloop rig is simple to handle and requires no expensive winches or special "go-fast" fittings. I think that it would recover in condition that would cause it to capsize in the first place. In my dream it's Commodore Monroe at the helm with Herrshoff making sandwiches, while I hike out from the shrouds with a big smile on my face. Wood spars are detailed on the plans, however, we do recommend our Aluminum Spar Kit, especially if trailering the boat and for ease of maintenance. The cat ketch rig is fast to set up and easy to sail – tacking requires only a push of the tiller. The Hogfish just popped right back up and continued on sailing with the Hasler vane not missing a beat. With all these advantages, we doubt that you'll find a more enjoyable boat to build, own, or sail.
These vessels are usually built of steel construction; however, the one shown in the photo (LUCAYA) is aluminum.
If you're between 55 and 65 kgs, the Laser Radial rig has been designed especially for you.
Its bendy mast and radial cut sail allow you to go out in strong winds and still be in full control. The radial cut sail was designed so that people under 65kg, would be competitive in serious racing. The result is a super fast rig that is suitable for both women and men lightweights in both strong and light winds. Its small sail area makes it very suitable for the young lightweights (over 35kg.) to start sailing earlier.

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