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Description:In a stunning harbourside location, the Manly Skiff Club is a casual, friendly club with a great bar and bistro.
A lightweight beach cruising and expedition boat for sailing, rowing and motoring, which can also be built as a motor launch without the sailing rig. An 11 foot 7 inch clinker style pram dinghy that performs beautifully when rowed, sailed or motored. A pretty, light, tough, roomy and easy to build 7 foot 9 inch pram dinghy that can be rowed or sailed. An easy to build rowing and sailing pram dinghy that splits into two nesting sections for compact storage. A popular v-bottom pram dinghy that is perfect as a tender, a pond utility boat or for just messing about in.
An innovative 15 foot canoe stern yawl with a large sail area and a fast, lightweight hull. A pretty little demountable trimaran designed for speed and easy handling by one or two people on lakes, rivers and bays. I?m considering building this pretty little thing, so I have a couple of questions on how it works with sail. I considered the guillemot and even the Tammie Norrie, but I cant get them out of my workshop (Its on the second floor and I dont want to make a big hole in my house) Besides, they have pretty high freeboards. Most of Ian's boat's contain scantlings and any plank adjustments for traditional construction - you could build outside this way independent of ambient temperature.
I built myself a 15' Acorn Skiff quite a few years ago and had no end of troubles sailing her. If it won't fit maybe you could add the outer keel and sheerstrake after she's out the door?
With respect of the Acorn Skiff, I dont know if its the narrow beam or the slack bilges making her complicated to sail. I sort of speed read this thread, so my suggestion might not fit defined parameters: how about the Hvalsoe 13? What made me wonder is that the boat on the picture (and others) DOESNT have its daggerboard where the its meant to be on the study plan from 50 wooden boats. Hello, I have put one build on hold, bought a different boat, and am thinking about another build. Vivier has a nice line of 'em, with the Siel 18 being very popular on the RAID circuit where both rowing and sailing speeds are critical. The Ness Yawl is a very nice boat but I think it would be at least as difficult to build as a Welsford Navigator. Welsford shows the Navigator at aprox 140 kg -- but it is 5' 10" and doesn't narrow much toward the stern.
I love the Navigator and Pathfinder designs, but they are not what most of us would regard as Sail and Oar boats. Almost anything you would need to know about building or using a Ness Yawl can be found over there.
Most casual rowers aren't going to fall in love with rowing , especially away from shore where the wind and waves can get at the boat.
The Ness Yawl was designed by Iain Oughtred, plans for which can be obtained from him at, 'The Piers, Findhorn, Moray, IV36 0YF, Scotland, UK. I think those lapped ply boats that McMullen has look pretty great for around the sound here.
I had a Shaldon Regatta and they are a very good all round boat, easy to row, stable and light enough to pull up and down the beach.

I had been thinking about building a wooden rowing boat for a few years and finaly got round to doing it.
Reluctantly I have decided to sell my beloved 12 ft Regatta boat and the Bramber road trailer – all in very good condition. Have you got news for us?If what you're doing is like the things you read about here - please write and tell us what you're up to.
Classic Sailor is a new magazine about traditional and classic boats from ex-Classic Boat editor Dan Houston and colleagues that promises rather more coverage of the traditional craft around our coast. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow me on TwitterLooking for something?This is a busy weblog, and what you're looking for is probably still here - just a little way down the list now.
Our Faversham-based friend Alan Thorne can help with boatbuilding projects - constructing to plans in very tidy stitch-and-glue or more traditional techniques.
Tourists and visitors are welcome, just take a short walk from the Manly Ferry Terminal to find this little known gem, and enjoy a meal and a cold beer or a cocktail in the sun, overlooking Manly Cove. Accessible by a scenic ferry ride from Circular Quay or by a 40 minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Having sailed a Culler Good Little Skiff for almost 20 years, he wanted a slightly larger version with more freeboard and better sailing characteristics. This cost includes a high level of outfit and finish you can be proud of after putting the effort into building this fine boat. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I dont want it to be bigger or with more beam, but I would like a firmer bilge and some more initial stability. To the effect that the Acorns weren't primarily sailing oriented, but that IO did have comparable designs that were. Its a stable boat - very suitable for a family outing and has good reserve stability in higher winds and gusts. Maybe the 13' Acorn Skiff is different but if I wanted to sail I'd be looking for confirmation before commiting to a build.
Acorn 12's are certainly great lookers but are biased slightly more for those wanting to mainly row. The guillemot is nice but I cant get it out the door and her high freeboard (20") makes her a little bit tubby. The Puffin is only 1" wider an has more sail, but noone seems to complain about her performance under sail.
I dont want it to be bigger or with more beam, but I would like a firmer bilge and some more initial stability.
I want to be sure it is a trailerable boat that will both row and sail quite well, not just sail downwind etc. If he wants rowability to get away from the dock then almost any modest width hull will do. I'd consider building one with a little motor well for when you wear out and the tide is headed the wrong direction, plus an offset centerboard trunk for a bit more room in the boat.
Try scrolling down, clicking on the 'older posts' button at the bottom of this page - or try the search gadget! The design makes an interesting project for the amateur builder as the construction method is not difficult. The club's function room offers a capacity of 120 cocktail style or 60 sit down, perfect for a conference or social event. It is a short walk from Manly Wharf.DESCRIPTION - The locals have known about it for years, but the hordes of domestic and international tourists, sightseers and day-trippers that flock to Manly often go home without realising that just a short, pleasant walk around the cove from the famous ferry wharf is one of the popular coastal resort’s best-kept secrets.

He still wanted to be able to row on the evenings when the wind had calmed and the sunset beckoned. Also, looking at photos, it looks like its being positioned further back, touching the center twart. After much fiddling and tuning I got her to point nicely without making much leeway but no matter what I tried she would get caught in stays (always - very, very frustrating) whenever the breeze piped up a tiny bit.
Good for a tender which needs to carry 3 persons and 50liters of water, but alone, makes the oars sit very high.
I dont have the space for a trailer right now and living in Spain, parking and leaving a car AND a trailer is not very easy. And then the Hvalsoes will be on the list together with Tammie Norrie, Penny Fee the peapods Matinicus and Beach Pea 15 etc. Awesome design and the designer was really nice and quick to return my inquiry if you've got any questions for him.
If he wants a rowboat that will boogie from A way over to B than some accomodations will have to be made about sailabilty. The sides can be planked in either lapstrake (Plank Overlap) or carvel ( planks butted along their edges) systems.
The club courtesy bus is available Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.FOOD AND BEVERAGE - The Deck Bistro, on the water, features succulent steaks, super-fresh seafood, salads, burgers, pizza, mouth-watering desserts and coffee. The Acorn 12 is a perfected beautiful rowing boat with a sail for auxilliary propulsion in lighter winds or an experienced agile and athletic sailer in higher winds who is accepting for what it is. Only ever had water over the gunnels once but I was daydreaming and accidently jibed with the sheet tangled around my foot. The Dory 14 is a row boat, but the plans show an alternative transom for an outboard up to 5 hp. I'd also see if a Joel White Shellback or Pooduck would fit through your door - the external keel could be attached after its exit. If the boat can't be very 'tall' to fit it through a doorway - the Michael Storer PDR Racer's have a big following but quite different looks. I hung back in the mouth of the bay, where there was more than enough wind and fun to keep me busy.
Decent rower (with the rockered bottom, she won't track or carry like a whitehall, but I row her across a 2 mile lake & back enjoyably). The venue can be booked for weddings, parties and corporate functions with the added bonus of team building activities available such as whale watching cruises departing from the jetty.
Unlike most small sail and oar boats they are not a compromise solution - Tammie Norrie's do both well.
They are completely vice free and small enough to sail singlehanded and big enough to take a family for a picnic. So if you are wanting to sail quite a bit, you might be better served trying to get one of these built or the smaller Gullemot. If I built one I'd go for the freestanding lug yawl instead - as the shrouds always took a while to sort out before sailing her (I trailer sailed it). Mine had been built from 9mm mahogany plywood I think - quite heavy scantlings at this size but I did wonder if the extra weight helped carry the boats motion between strokes.

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