What this means is that ship-lovers can build an excellent display model, but the rest of us have a diorama piece ready and waiting. Imagine replacing the sails with gas bags, adding propellers to either side, a tall funnel from a midships steam engine, and you have the makings of a splendid steampunk Sky Trader vessel. The weekly publication supplies a bunch of components, and a background 16-page colour magazine with each issue.
As usual with these partworks, the first couple of issues are lavish and low-priced - after that, the settle-down price is higher. The kit has had a lot of careful attention in its creation, with structural timbers pre-cut in plywood.
The Endeavour is a multi-material kit, with other parts in cast-metal, hand-sewn cotton, and thread. THE 2016 CHICAGO TOY SHOW was held on April 24, at the Kane County Fairgrounds, west of Chicago.

Ship parts are molded in a light brown plastic material, and the rigging supporting the masts and spars are molded in a black plastic material. There’s another interesting ship kit due from Revell with the release of the Vasa, a 17th Century Swedish sailing ship.
The original Vasa set sail in 1628 as the brand-new flagship of the Swedish Fleet, and an important weapon for the Swedes, as the country was at war with Poland.
Various factors contributed to the ship's sinking, including a combination of design errors, top-heavy build, and not enough ballast as she set sail. She is 916mm (36in) long, with a beam of 337mm (13.3in) and height from keel to mast tops of 765mm (30in). However, just 20 minutes into her first voyage, the Vasa turned turtle and ignominiously sank to the bottom. All it took was a turn to port, and the Vasa heeled over until the sea washed into her open gunports.

Ayous is a new one on us - apparently it comes from West Africa and is also used to make guitars and picture frames.
The wreck lay undisturbed for more than 300 years, until in 1961 the ship was discovered, and has since been raised, restored and put on display in a special museum.
Mind you, the workmanship looks fantastic, and sheer size may count too, as the model is nearly six feet long (1820 mm).

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