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If you haven't already seen it then please watch this first as it gives a helpful overview.
Steve Walker has over 40 years experience of rowing and coaching and he sums up in simple language why you might choose one rowing boat over another. Trouble is that the finest racing rowing boats that bring the greatest rewards are so slim that it is almost impossible to learn in them without falling in and the fear of falling in inhibits learning. I can still remember the first stroke I took in a fine cedar boat after 18 months in heavy, slow boats. Now, here is a fast and stable boat from EDON in Australia that offers the thrill of high speed for low effort combined with the stability and robustness required of boats to be used by novices. These videos shows how easy it can be to take to the water with no previous experience of sculling a proper rowing boat with sliding seats and a fine hull.
Not only can stability be provided by the stabilising floats but it can easily be taken away again once the skill of sculling has been mastered. Learn to Scull - It's easy if you have the right boat and the Edon TS515 is the perfect boat for learning and for fitness and fun. Edon rowboats are constructed of a special polyethylene foam sandwich for lightness, damage resistence and strength. Edon TS515 sculling boats, the most popular and affordable sliding seat recreational single sculls in the USA are sold exclusively by The Virginia Rowing Company.

Light, durable, fast and a lot of fun the Edon TS515 is the perfect boat for exercise and recreation, for clubs, for camps and for learn to scull programs.
LIGHT AND EASY: Edon sculling boats are very manageable, whether you're moving it down your dock or car topping to the nearest lake. Sculling boats are often heavy and difficult to pick up but the Edon has handles under the seat as well as bow and stern so moving the boat is never a problem.
STABILIZER PONTOONS: For added stability all Edon rowing boats come complete with stabilizer pontoons which can be fitted or removed in seconds. SET UP: Settings such as spread and oarlock height are identical to standard racing boats which makes the Edon perfect for progression in the sport. MAAS Shells -- Alden Shells -- Adirondack Guideboats -- Adirondack Wherries -- Echo Rowing Shells -- Wintech Racing Shells -- Dreher Oars -- Latanza & Piantedosi Parts -- All the best shells and accessories, all at one location, for you to compare side by side. Sculling Canoe, the Echo, the Islander, and a large number of other shells all in one location! The polyethylene, foam sandwich construction achieves this whilst keeping the weight down and the semicircular rigger is amazingly light and stiff too.
Even the material it is made from is full of air so in the unlikely event of a catastrophe you will always have something that floats to hang onto. This is where the design of the TS515 scores, as it is just wobbly enough to teach you the necessary skill before the stabilisers come into play and prevent you capsizing.
But there is something very special about knowing that the speed of the boat is entirely due to your own efforts.

The thrill of acceleration and the high speed glide after just one stroke is still with me. This means that a beginner can be taken through two stages of the learning progression before moving on finally to a fine racing skiff if that is what is desired.
Although we always keep a stock of boats at our base in Norfolk Va, at this time of year delivery times can increase a little and it's worth bearing that in mind when deciding when to order, sooner is always better. The Edon is a recreational rowing boat that the average person can pick up and move on their own with confidence. The pontoons connect directly to the wing rigger and have been designed to ensure they don't impede boat speed. With the pontoons off you have an excellent training and recreational sculling boat which is fast, easy to row and fun to use. Sculling is actually more correct but can confuse things and even very experienced scullers will say they're going rowing. With the pontoons fitted the boat is almost impossible to flip, a real benefit when learning to scull or if you row on cold water where falling in could be a serious hazard. Boat and trailer are like new.I no longer have a good place to store the boat and would like to sell it.

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