A larger version of the Heritage 15, the Heritage 18 is a slightly more stable row boat than its smaller sibling. Another rower has a Heritage mounted on his 65? Motor yacht, and has rowed his skiff all over the Western Hemisphere including Panama, Alaska, and the Caribbean.
Fold the rigger all the way in and it serves as a handle for lowering yourself in and out of the boat. We have been designing racing shells for 30 years, and know sliding seat and light-weight technology.
This page has been about the Classic, which comes fully lined, with massive floatation, and is medium priced.

All carbon hull & deck make for an incredibly ridgid, lightwieght ocean-capable adventure craft. There are 2 other construction choices.You may choose an ultralight carbon hull for the Heritage 18, or the new economical Guideboat. The difference is that the Heritage 15 is a lighter launch, and thus easier to handle, while the Heritage 18 has a longer water line, and thus a better rowing double.
Or ask the man who rowed his heritage completely across the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Germany. If you plan to row mostly as a double (and occasionally as a single) then the 18 is your best bet.

It is a good choice where space is a concern, or weight, or to use as a tender to a big boat.

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