It would be ideal as an all-weather transportation and recreational vessel.The 180 is beamy, with a wave-taming 20-degree deep-V hull and high topsides. Broad chines add stability and smooth out the ride, while strakes improve cornering and keep the cockpit dry.
For 2010, it adds nine 16-, 17- and 19-foot models with a more pronounced eight-degree V-bottom to the Roughneck jon boat lineup.
A tall windscreen provides shelter for the double-wide helm seat and a sturdy stainless steel handrail.

The added deadrise means the boats sacrifice some carrying capacity and stability, but gain comfort and sea-keeping ability. Fishing features and deck space make it an ideal platform for cruising the shallower waters anglers often seek in pursuit of crappie, bass or muskie. At the same time, the V-hull would allow more securepassage to and from those favourite fishing spots. Other options range from a trolling motor to a platform for your hunting dog.Even with a few extras, the boat is very affordable.

The four-stroke 50-hp outboard is an extra $1,900, but will likely pay off in lower fuel costs and long-term satisfaction.Either way, the RV170SC is an affordable multi-purpose boat that can live on its trailer and will never need wax.

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