On Board readers will know that I am keen on small boats and I think for the modest dollar outlay you can have a lot of fun with them.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. With a boat this small, the crew placement is very critical to keeping the boat in proper trim.
A bulkhead 17.5" from the stern transom, and one 14" from the bow transom seemed to feel good, and give me enough room to paddle comfortably, and keep the boat level both with and without daughter on the bow deck. Notice the rope across the boat, I took a screwdriver and twisted it into the rope, then wound it some more to tighten the rope.
After the sides where pulled in enough to hold the bulkhead, I put a spring clamp to hold the screwdriver in place.
This is called a spanish windlass, it is a very common technique used mostly when working on curved sided boats. I put a thickened epoxy fillet down both sides of the bulkhead seams, and while curing I put a strip of wax paper on the fillet to smooth it out.
Couple of ribs on the underside of the stern deck -- they really strengthen the deck so when the kids sit on it, won't break. Really don't have any plans to sail this boat, I was going to put a plain bulkhead at the bow, but at the last minute decided to install a mast step & partner - just incase I got the itch.
This is of the simplest types of mast steps that there are, it is just a couple of blocks that are bolted to the bulkhead. The cut off wheel started off as a regular 7.5" blade, but I have used it so much that it is shrinking to the point where I am about to need a new one.
And to smooth out the bolt stubs, I sand it down with my disk sander, and regular sandpaper. The little rectangle is where the mast goes, the big hole on the right is where the screw out deckplate goes. The 2 little sticks are the sides to the mast partner, and the 2 big sticks are ribs to stiffen the deck. Sea based terrorism is increasing and terrorists go to the extent of building their own boats for their missions. Sri Lanka Army has captured a sophisticated boat manufacturing facility of the LTTE on January 17.
Are the above vessels resemble with Self Propelled Semi Submersible (SPSS) that are emerging as increased threat from sea ? On February 23,  Sri Lanka Army has captured a 60 feet long LTTE boat considered as the largest boat captured so far.
It takes a few days to build your small fishing boat and soon you will be rowing on calm waters, enjoying out of the way waterways and small creeks with the sense of satisfaction of knowing you built this small fishing boat yourself.
However you choose to get your boat, building a small fishing boat for yourself, or buying one, they open up a whole new world. What are those small metal fishing boats called that people just use to fish in like small reservoirs.
5) Almost all the newer aluminum hulls are welded, not riveted, so you don't have to worry about them working loose in 25 years. I was looking for something else this morning, and stumbled across the photo of the Yak S-O-F boat and figured some folks would get a kick out of it and scanned it in. Then, as I had the scanner out and was in the mood, I hunted up some dragon boat photos I took in Cambodia later that year (what made me think of them were a couple of posts talking about dragon boats on the Yahoo forum).
At the time, the dragon boats used in this race were essentially dugouts, made from a single tree, though very often the sides were flared out and a strake or two of planking added for more freeboard.
One of the all time success stories of Australian Multihulls has been Ross Turner, who actually cracked the non-demountable cruising cat problem with his Jarcat designs a decade and a half ago.
The construction uses the deck as a flat to build the structure on - the structures are light, using thinner ply than most are used to but have proved to be extremely robust over hundreds of boats and tens of thousands of cruised miles.

Ross is a good bloke and has been a bit unwell recently - his designs do deserve a lot more profile than he has energy to give them. This ain’t about sailing, but let it be known that the writer has built three boats, likes to sail and paddle, does so frequently, and will write about that when he gets around to it. On a recent Memorial Day trip, I was fuming over the price of gasoline I had just pumped into my Toyota.
I finally found an open store and selected one of the many water offerings to be had, bottled at the source in the South Seas, and drawn from artesian aquifers deep within the islands, probably by native women like you would see in a Paul Gauguin painting.
I have to inject here that although I know Coke and Pepsi produce cheaper water, I find buying Coke water kind of creepy.
As I took the last sip, the part of my brain that had previously been working on the oil prices became refreshed, and the mental image began to change. Anyway, after peeling us off the seats, we would like up at the water fountain, knowing that Service Stations always kept their water just next to freezing. Could I give a set of tables that would tell a person exactly how to reconstruct my rounded frames?   Maybe without even a set of plans?
4-From the middle point go up 90 degrees – at least about three times the distance from the centerline to the width of the beam. We have compact, inexpensive washing machines and spin dryers that have been extremely popular with boaters. Yesterday I wrote about a couple of small boats that I saw at the Newport show but even with the show discount and the keenness of the salesman plus the boat show discount we are still looking at over three hundred thousand.
Your self- built boat is usually light enough to pop onto your car roof rack, so no spending out on a boat trailer.
Here you must be careful, timber softens and rots over time and even aluminium boats will leak around the rivets as they age. You won't be going on the high seas with your small boat but you are still on water and must take care. If it is foam filled fiberglass and the motors size is not too big for it, it is perfect for your needs and when I say that I mean everything from transom height to cockpit size for your body to easily move from front to back without being too tight when maneuvering around a fishing partner while chasing a fish around the boat.
It was taken in Tibet in 1995 and the lake is called Namtso or "Heaven Lake", the highest salt water lake in the world at about 15,500 feet (4,700 meters). They were taken in late November during the Water Festival on the Tonle Sap river in Phnom Penh. I remember the last year I was there, a team from Singapore, I think, turned up with a fiberglass boat, but was not allowed to race in it.
It came in a clear 1 pint plastic bottle like the cheaper sodas, but unlike them, it contained no sugar, natural or manmade ingredients; just water, and had palm fronds printed on it.
The vinyl seat had little raised longhorn cow emblems that would emboss our backs, and if you shifted around a lot, you could get a whole herd going.
Even with the greasy thumbprints and knowing that 10,000 other sweaty people had stuck their gullets up against the chrome cheek-rest, that water was the purest, coldest and most refreshing water that was ever pumped, as I remember it.
It is further reported that the boat manufacturing facility is suspected to be funded by foreign NGOs.
A method that creates a strong and lightweight boat is the stitch and glue type of construction, using epoxy resin and fibre glass tape to seal the joins and strengthen the hull. Be sure that you only bid on boats that you can see and physically check out, before committing yourself to a deal.
Make sure you have a lifejacket and are aware of any local restrictions on sailing or rowing. No idea what the boat was used for -- no other people around for miles, though there are fish in the lake and a couple of islands that pilgrims go to. The river is fed by a large lake about 75 miles north of Phnom Penh, and actually flows uphill for a large chunk of the year.
This mental image of a pristine tropical paradise helped me justify handing over the $1.89 with a smile, actually thanking the cashier.

In any case, we wouldn’t have thought of paying for it anymore than we would have paid for dirt. So I’m trying to get back to dipping my water cup under the faucet, but after its trip through miles of tanks and pipes, it gets pretty rank, even with the fluoride. For something a little more modest you could do worse than to look at the little boat shown above. Moulded plastic boats can split, especially if they have been scraped along the ground, causing serious scratches that become weak spots. The reason to me this boat hasn't sold yet is because of the 2 stroke motor but there are many very good boats on the market.
Interesting boat I thought -- the wood, as you can see from the photos, was hauled up from lower altitudes.
There’s still quite a cache of doubloons going to the Fijian water-dippers for a one-gallon bucket of runoff.
I may have to break down and buy one of those filter things; or maybe find me an old Service Station water fountain.
Called the Outer Banks 20 the boat is designed by B and B yacht designs from North Carolina. There are some good deals out there, just take all claims of "perfection" with a pinch of salt. Buying a 2 stroke is fully your use in ocean as many lakes commit to the two strokes inferior design allowing way too much bypass causing water deterioration. Although not a boat that I would propose for a rank beginner it is none the less a boat that should not be beyond a competent amateur with a good tool kit and a modest budget. Designed for a 25 to 40 hp engine it is claimed that the boat will plane at 15 knots and cruise at 20 using only 1.5 gallons per hour making this a boat that should be both economical to build and use.
If I were buying another boat I would by it at fishing expo where show specials and last year models are marked way below the normal showroom price.
This is important for Cambodia, because the fish from the lake are trapped and netted at this time, providing most of the country's protein for the year.
I would also look for a good used boat that has seen limited use but because of the economy owners, possibly out of work are having to sell their pride and joy regretfully. They take many of the fish, gut and scale them, then grind them up and pack them in big (6'x6'x4') woven bamboo baskets and let them ferment.
With a weight in the 1500 pounds range she could also be easily towed behind a small truck or car. But I would gladly use a center console on the bass tour and frankly I don't know why more anglers don't. The fish "cheese" is then packed in jars with lots of salt and can keep for years and is mostly used to flavor soups and sauces. Actually I have been aware of this boat for sometime so imagine my delight when an article appeared about the designer and his boats in the latest issue of wooden boat.If the Outer banks 20 is all about affordable boating then the Boston Whaler Outrage 37 on display the Newport Boat show is at the other end of the spectrum. In small quantities, as a seasoning, it is really good, but I remember riding north out of the city sometimes in the cheese season, and man, the smell, even in the open air, could fell a water buffalo. They (most all boat makers) for some unknown reason put a square or rectangular live well in them and within four hours the live bait have bashed their noses into the walls so many times they are nearly all dead way too soon.
The show boat had three 300 hp Verado engines bolted to the transom which contributed to the more than half million dollar price tag. If you have the choice to get one with a round (at least oval) live tank the bait will and do swim in circles and will last two days without killing themselves. That boat is going to use rather a lot of expensive gas but then if you are going to spend half a million on essentially an open boat I guess you can afford it.

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