Established in 1998, in the UK Lake District, Fyne Boat Kits manufacture build-yourself boat kits and ready built boats. Our range includes sailing boats, rowing boats, canoes and kayaks as well as surfboards and paddleboards. Our boat kits include pre-cut wooden parts and joints, marine epoxy, a construction manual and a set of plans – everything you need to build your dream boat.
We also supply all essential boat-building materials including epoxy, Lloyd's-approved Okoume plywood and high grade specialist hard and soft woods including cedar strip. I would like to thank you for the service that you provided, I was impressed with the level of communication informing me of every step of my order and the also the speed of the delivery.
Speed Strip is the ultimate strip planking material for many applications in boat building, repair and restoration. Speed Strip has been successfully used to build mono-hulls and multi-hulls up to 200 feet in length. Even with complex shapes, Speed Strip planks snap together quickly and securely without a tendency to override each other when twisted.
Speed Strip is manufactured and supplied in the United States exclusively by Maritime Wood Products under license from Joseph Thompson & Co. For more information about the advantages of building with Speed Strip Planking System, please click here.
From vertical grain lumber for stringers to flat sawn lumber for laminated curved stems, Maritime Wood Products sources and supplies the best clear Douglas Fir available. We source select Khaya Mahogany and can supply custom milled planking in any thickness for cold molded construction. On any self build boat project, one of the first and most important decisions you'll have to make is the choice of hull material. For instance, you wouldn't choose steel for a 25 foot sailboat - it would be way too heavy - nor would you go for aluminium if you didn't know how to weld, or weren't prepared to learn.Sailboat hulls should be both strong and rigid.
Glassfibre, as it's almost universally known (fiberglass in the US), is in its basic form polyester resin reinforced with chopped strand mat. A favourite choice of material for the amateur or one-off builder, not just for the inherent strength of a metal hull, but also because of the relative low cost of the raw material and the ease of construction for those with welding skills. Steel suffers from chemical corrosion in saltwater, so it's absolutely vital to maintain a protective surface coat of a water resistant paint - epoxy being the best choice.Because of its weight, steel is more suitable for hulls of 14m and above, when it becomes a great choice for self build boat construction providing you have the welding skills.
Aluminium is more difficult to weld than steel but has the advantage of a better strength-to-weight ratio, and it doesn't suffer from saltwater corrosion. In fact some owners are happy to leave their vessels unfaired and unpainted, accepting with a Gallic shrug the appearance of the protective coating of aluminium oxide that quickly builds up. Although the process is labour intensive, the construction materials are comparatively inexpensive, making them an attractive building option to someone with more time on his hands than cash in his pocket.Occasionally you'll find a completed ferrocement hull on the secondhand boat market. Over on Red Ted Art this week, we made some simple Tug Boats from Margarine Tubs (do go and check out our craft over there too!).
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For your ease and accuracy, all wooden parts and joints in our kits are cut, drilled and machined using computer controlled equipment.
We stock all the equipment you need for your boat or canoe, including oars, paddles, sails, seats and more. The profile, which is precision machined to a tolerance 0.015 mm, allows room for the tongue to rotate up to 7 degrees while holding firm in the groove.
It requires half the mold stations and frames, minimum fastenings and less glue (because of reduced glue squeeze-out). Matched and sequenced boards are also available for applications such as classic Chris Craft and Riva restorations. Your final choice will be made on the hull material's suitability for the type or size of boat you have in mind, and your own familiarity and skill level with that material. A fairly obvious requirement you may think, but it isn't always the case, particularly with lightly built GRP hulls. Modern GRP designs employ more sophisticated laminates, often incorporate layers of stronger woven glass rovings or exotic materials such as aramids (Kevlar, Twaron) to build in additional strength where it's needed.Fibreglass lends itself to mass production techniques as, through investment in moulds and automated tooling, labour costs can be kept to a minimum and hulls of consistent quality produced in high volume.
But aluminium is susceptible to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion by contact with dissimilar metals, or through improperly designed or installed electrical systems.Sacrificial zinc anodes are essential to keep galvanic corrosion at bay. This technique lends itself to custom self build boat construction as no moulds are required, the hull being built upside down around temporary timber frames.The planks are glued one to the other with epoxy, and the completed hull is sheathed in layers of woven glass rovings and epoxy.
Odds are it will be at a very attractive price, and may seem perfect for fitting out to your own requirements. We thought that over here on Life At The Zoo, we would quickly explain the science behind it!! Verwendete Materialien im modernen Bootsbau sind FVK (Faserverbundkunststoff), Holz, Stahl und Aluminium. Oft sind auch Shops an Werften gebunden in denen beispielsweise Segelzubehor, Beschlage, Segelkleidung und Elektronik verkauft werden.
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The self-fairing, precision fit of Speed Strip planks eliminates the need for scarfing and edge fastening, while cutting fairing and cleanup time by up to 70%. Out of the water, a boat should be capable of taking all of its weight on its keel without undue hull distortion. Many owners, wary of stray electrical currents, choose to dangle a few additional ones over the side when in marina berths but a better form of protection would be to fit an 'isolating transformer' or a 'galvanic isolator' so there are no interactions with the marina's shore supply. But beware, because unless it's been built by a specialist boat builder skilled in the technique, you could be letting yourself in for a heap of problems downstream.
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The cost of building a plug, then the mould, would make the whole venture totally uneconomic for a single hull. The quality of a ferrocement hull is totally dependent on the manner in which it has been built. Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal! Bedient wird hauptsachlich der Freizeitsektor, wie auch der gewerbliche (Transport- und Passagierschifffahrt, Berufsfischerei) und der staatliche Sektor (Behordenfahrzeuge).

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If the hull has been poorly constructed, for example with voids left in the mortar or with inadequate bonding to the mesh reinforcement, then it will be structurally unsound at best and may be very weak indeed. In manchen Betrieben werden unter anderem auch gebietsfremde Formen und Teile aus den verwendeten Materialien hergestellt, woraus auch Spezialisierungen resultieren. Bereits die Agyptische und spater insbesondere auch die Chinesische Kultur baute gro?e, eindrucksvolle Schiffe fur Handel und Transport. Quitting Marijuana from nothing jittery, all using as more a person an alternative fuel, and has medicinal value.
Ferroconcrete boats are difficult to insure at reasonable premiums, some insurance companies being unwilling to provide cover at any price. Der chinesische Admiral Zheng He unternahm bereits ab 1405 weite Reisen in den Pazifischen und den Atlantischen Ozean.
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But as a material for a self build boat project, particularly for cruising hulls of 45 feet (14m) and over, ferrocement could be a good choice.
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