19 gallon aerated livewell is located under the driver's seat, providing easy access, enhancing the weight-forward design.
Jet console is rugged aluminum with a molded gauge pod attached for optional dealer installed gauges of your choice. Jet motor is elevated above the bottom of the boat, while the tunnel design directs water to the intake, for outstanding shallow water performance. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, specifications and measurements are approximations and subject to variances.
A Little HistoryWhat started out as a bizarre experiment turned into the most impressive Shallow water jet boat we ever put in the water.
Moose Sniper PlatformCheck it out!  The new SJX "Moose sniper platform kit."  This kits stows in the boat and takes up very little space. When we originally came up with the concept of a high performance, durable yet light and nimble tunnel-hull inboard jet boat back in 1998, the idea seemed a bit radical.
In September of 1998, we custom ordered a prototype 21′ tunnel-hull with a Mercury V6 Sportjet package. Over the past ten years, the unique tunnel-hull inboard design we developed has been the best selling tunnel-hull jet boat in the country because of it’s superior power-to-weight, miserly fuel economy, unmatched shallow water ability, brutal acceleration, tremendous payload and unmatched handling.
The unique design of this jet boat changed all the rules and reigned supreme in the jet boat market. With over 45 improvements and dozens of new standard features, the SJX Jet Boat will be the most sought after jet boat in (or out of) the water. Originally Posted by apex1 The SPJ is not cheap, and has a efficiency problem (48%) but is the only propulsion you have in your environment.
I have contacted the M-ship Co and asked for some details but they seem to be busy and unwillingly to work with you if you aren't planning to build a million boats so it sounded expensive. I know the M-hull is controversial but from the videos I have seen it looks ideal for inland waters.
Originally Posted by CDK Converting an off the shelf VW Passat engine or building small quantities of Steyr engines explain the 5K euro difference.
The comparison with a Suzuki is a poor one: 5000 service hours is beyond the capability of any outboard engine, you'll wear out at least two.

Steyr on the other hand uses a state of the art injection system that can be adapted to any fuel type in the Diesel range. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
That may sound harsh, but it's exactly what Kevin Turner tells anyone who climbs into his jet boat to go smallmouth fishing. The Near Perfect Option For Shallow Water Rivers, Jet Boats For The Catfish Crowd - by Steve Hoffman I CAN’T IMAGINE A BETTER SPOKESMAN FOR JET boats than Kevin Turner.
Conservation Officer Randy Posner, left, takes delivery of the Minnesota DNR's first RiverPro jet boat from Kevin Turner of RiverPro. G3 Boats does not guarantee such accuracy and can't be held liable for any errors or any reliance upon this information. They use the system for the shallow water capabilities as they need to access areas up the Danube where sand banks form and during the summer. The Dutch boat looks nice and the hull design is just what I had in mind only rough-er see the m-hull from M-ship in the picture below. Is lower taxed fuel available, like red diesel for agriculture of blue diesel for the fishing fleet?
Turner is owner of River Pro Jet Boats and one of the most dedicated river anglers you'll ever encounter.
He ran a flotilla of jets on shallow, rocky rivers from Minnesota to Alabama for almost two decades before he decided to design & build his own.
Powered with a pair of high output 1812cc jet engines.Seems like everyone is taking a shot at building jet boats this year.
The placement of the consoles, far forward of the usual location, provides a quick hole shot, along with weight distribution that trims the boat for shallow draft running. As you said the sand will not be sucked in but the weeds float and they will stick to the grid as the schottel technician said. I will try to contact them to see if they would sell me the plans for the boat in the picture bellow. Frustrated by the limited access of prop-driven boats to his favorite shallow-water hotspots, as well as the inefficient performance of outboard jet drive motors, he was compelled to design a specialized river fishing boat, powered by a more reliable jet propulsion system.

But while competitors source power to fit their hulls, Yamaha continues to engineer its engines, boats and components, assembling them all in its own factories using state-of-the-art robotics to ensure each boat is the same as the one before it on the line.The beauty of jet power is exemplified in the SX240 HO. The transom height raises the jet engine above the bottom of the boat, while the tunnel design directs water to the lower unit intake to provide the ultimate in shallow water performance. Twin engines drive jet pumps that give linear acceleration and thrust perfectly aligned with the keel.
Each G3 jet model delivers the durability and value that have made Gator Tough® jons famous with fishermen everywhere.
I am also a photographer and I buy my equipment from US as it is 50% cheaper than here but big stuff like boats and engines don't fit in suitcases . This spring the Minnesota DNR at Brainerd took delivery of a new RiverPro jet boat to be used in river patrol dutie.. These unique boats can deliver you to new fishing and hunting territory, while others are left behind. My wish was also to be able do bring this boat on plane or drive it faster than my current boats so with this propulsion system it is not possible and it will be 3 times more expensive plus 50% less efficient.
Many tourists coming to Romania expect to find a banana country with banana prices but the reality is different. Romania may not be as modern as the rest of Europe but the prices are high as hell so you have to understand why I am willing to build an economical boat. These pumps hook up hard and respond instantly to a hard-over helm, cutting with equal dexterity in either direction.But the SX240 isn’t all about go.
It’s also about relaxation, and the cockpit and swim platform are ideally suited for hanging out on the hook or sandbar. Surrounding it is two-tier seating with slightly reclined seat backs of softly padded bolsters. We got new models in late in the season and need to clear them out!

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