Ships in Bottles offer the largest selection of handcrafted, European designed ship in a bottle models in the USA.
Seven models of the Coast Guard Eagle and a build your own kit are prized momentos for all members of the Coast Guard family. Also see our selection of nautical awards and gifts, including the new personalized ship model in shadow boxes. We offer many truly unique awards for many occasionsranging from retierments to sailing trophies. Celebrate lifea€™s achievements with truly unique and memorable awards and gifts from Ships in Bottles. Featured across numerous television and film sets, Ships in Bottles is internationally recognized for our unparalleled skill and detail, and is renowned by collectors and enthusiasts the world over.Enrich yourself in the meticulous detail and delicate craftsmanship with recreated historic vessels, designed to scale by Jochen Binikowski, one of Europea€™s most respected and revered specialists.

Send a special colleague off with a gift to help guide them to success in their new venture. Our models and nautical-themed display pieces can be fashioned to commemorate important moments with personalized features, with each vessel individually crafted for your specific order.You can customize your unique nautical award to include your company or organizationa€™s decals and logos, engraved commemorative nameplates, a personalized shipa€™s title and an individualized message celebrating the event. Nameplate engraving awards can usually be shipped within 48 to 72 hours, while customized sail logos, etc., require eight to 10 weeks to deliver.
We placed a huge order and they handled it with complete professionalism and courtesy and were able to deliver a very high quality product by our desired delivery date.
Perfect for taking a batch of beer on a camping or rafting trip and a great choice for bottling homemade soda. For larger orders, Ships in Bottles also offers bulk discounts for award ceremonies featuring multiple recipients.Mark your special event with some of the most celebrated handcrafted scale model ships, recognized by model aficionados and Hollywood set designers for their unparalleled beauty and detail.

He was immediately responsive to our needs and we couldn't have been more pleased with our experience with this company. These unique items are only available through Ships in Bottles, and make an ideal gift for our brave sailors.

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