Skiff Life - Fishing & Boating Articles, Classifieds, Photos and VideoFishing and Boat related topics focused on coastal waters. This fly is a bit different and I believe can be used to represent a variety of bait fish, including a Pilchard. Next cut a piece of the foil tape that is close to the length of the hook shank and fold it in half. Next tie in a small clump of the Angel Hair leaving it long enough to create an over hang for the tail. Now gather all of the Angel Hair into a tight clump and and hold it out straight in the position that you want the tail to be.
Now carefully peel off the backing of the 3M tape being sure not to touch it because you will leave finger prints. I found that after a little casting the air and water would open up the front of the fly causing it to fail.

I spend most of my fly fishing time, poling the marshy areas and grass flats in my Gheenoe, looking for redfish and speckled trout. Trim the foil tape to the shape of the abdominal cavity of a minnow. Peel the backing and fold it over the shank and pinch it together. Now, with out touching the exposed tape press the exposed side down on to the Parchment paper.
Apply the 3M tape exposed side down over the hook shank covering the Metallic foil tape and Angel Hair. In order to prevent this, I am trying a coating of 5 minute Epoxy over the opening close to the eye of the hook and the seam at the bottom of the leading edge. I live in Panama City and I am looking to spend as much time this year in search of my first Tarpon on the fly. This allows you to fold the tape in half lengthwise to trim the tape into the shape of the bait that you want to imitate.

Third party names and products are for reference purposes only, all rights are reserved by these respective parties. They would cut it to shape to create a small simple fly to represent the near invisible tiny baitfish that Bonita blitz on. After the tape is cut to shape, take the parchment paper off and use your Bodkin or something pointed to hold the tail end of the tape down.

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