Sea based terrorism is increasing and terrorists go to the extent of building their own boats for their missions. Sri Lanka Army has captured a sophisticated boat manufacturing facility of the LTTE on January 17. Are the above vessels resemble with Self Propelled Semi Submersible (SPSS) that are emerging as increased threat from sea ? On February 23,  Sri Lanka Army has captured a 60 feet long LTTE boat considered as the largest boat captured so far. Originally Posted by Dave-Fethiye Probably the ballast can be 3 of the said barrells filled with concrete.
I thought that you mat be interested in these photos that I took of two floating platforms. Maybe this is of some use to Madman's plans - afterall you could put anything on these platforms. Location: Nova Scotia, Canada Thanks Dave, that's just what I'm looking for. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Location: Arlington, WA-USA here are some free plans for a plywood cat, easy to build from local materials. In one case I have made J-hooks in another I laminated clamps from glass, carbon fibers and kevlar. Location: denmark ha ha ha, of course it would never talk, it was made in china. Location: Pacific NW North America Fiberglass with resin weighs about 96lbs a cubic foot.
I will power it with any outboard but will probably tow it to its ancorage site with my boat. If they had a show where you could sit in bleachers eating hot dogs and nachos and watch a bunch of boats like that doing wheelies and crushing smaller boats by running over them. 2 panels are joined on a keel profile and the sides are bent in a cylindrical curve as the stem and stern are fastened adding a curve in the for and aft direction. It is further reported that the boat manufacturing facility is suspected to be funded by foreign NGOs.
And then a big crane barge would come out with a crane attachment that looked like the neck and head of a plesiosaurus which would pick up the crushed boats and completely demolish them.

A outside deck jig is put over the sheer to determine and hold the shape while building.The Gougeon book on boat construction has building and designing information for this fast, light build technique. The holes are just the right size to allow water in but restrict it's movement out of the bag. Large boats can be built this way, the Gougeons are still winning races with a trimaran they built in the 1970's. If you take a 450g strand mat with resin you add nearly 1kg (avoid it if you can) per square meter. The barrels will flood when you put the raft in the water and provide your ballast free of charge. The 2" holes will be small enough to restrict the flow of water out of the barrels when it's moving. The benefit is when you drydock the raft the barrels just drain and you don't have to haul a couple tonnes of concrete out of the water.

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