Construction Method and Materials: Round bottom wooden construction with plank-on-frame, cold-molded, or sheathed strip planking options. Number and Type of Drawings: Hull Lines and Offsets, Deck Lines and Offsets, General Arrangement and Deck Plan, General Construction and Tanks, Constructions Sections Plank-On-Frame, Construction Sections Cold-Molded, Construction Sections Strip Planked, Shaft and Stern Gear, Full Size Details. I saw a review of the design in WoodenBoat Magazine (No.82) and set to dreaming about a cruise in the backwater marshes of the Chesapeake's Eastern Shore.
This design has proven to be an ideal pocket cruiser to exploring creeks, coves and backwaters at modest expense to build and operate. Purchase and Download Study Plans for the REDWING 18 for $5.00 in PDF format (zipped file).
Purchase "How-To" Booklet instructions for construction of the REDWING 18 for $20.00 for delivery by US Postal Service. Purchase Construction Plans for the REDWING 18 for $105.00 for delivery by US Postal Service. Purchase Full Size Frame Lofting for the REDWING 18 for $105.00 for delivery by US Postal Service. We offer a 30-day from date of purchase no questions asked return refund policy for on-line plan sales. Construction:  Construction is strip-planking on permanent plywood bulkheads, planking is sheathed outside with fiberglass and bulkheads are fillet and taped to the hull skin. Construction Method and Materials: Strip-planking on permanent plywood bulkheads, planking is sheathed outside with fiberglass and bulkheads are fillet and taped to the hull skin. Lines & offsets, Two sail plans plus flying bridge outboard profile, General construction, Construction sections.
The boat is aptly named due to the fact that it only goes 3-4 miles per hour at a pedaling rate of 50rpm. 91-year-old naval architect Phil Thiel, born in Brooklyn, now in Seattle has created human-powered boats since his teenage years.
Sailors tend to want headroom, as it keeps from being bashed about in rough seas and saves one from an aching back.
To Daniel, I love pedal boating because it is generally easier, safer and softer on the body than walking the same distance.

Wow, I admire him because in his early teenage years he created this human-powered boat through pedaling. I would probably make it pop up like earlier mentioned (either light weight materials in the pop up or heavy canvas), and might steal the idea of an extra solar panel or two and an electric motor (at least for use in slightly faster water, as most American waters get seasonally quick). Trailerable behind a reasonable sized vehicle (let's say less than 3000# on the trailer), berth for two out of the weather (small cabin, not interested in setting up deck tents, etc.) 5-7 knts. Use will be mainly on rivers and mid-sized inland lakes, with an occasional near shore fishing trip on Lake Michigan. Other than the Redwing 21, cost and build time should be similar, although cost isn't the determining factor.
DN Goodchild has the plans and there's a description of the boat in Farmer's book From My Old Boat Shop. I had similar interests last year, and bought full plans for the choices you have already considered. My workspace is most likely going to be a small domestic garage therefore no titanic sized designs please.
By the time you finish the several hundred Euros for a good set of plans will be a small fraction of your total expenditures. Location: Eustis, FL There are a lot of power cruiser plans available, most not free, but also most not perpendicularly costly either. I only had basic DIY skills when I started my first build so if your not 100% set on stitch & glue have a look at some of the other boats most of them are intended for the first time builder. You can save that cost in basic materials, plywood, cloth, and epoxy, on the hull alone by having a good BOM and by avoiding simple mistakes.
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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The small galley has space for a proper cast-iron wood range or the Bristol Dickenson diesel range. This boat is not that efficient today but this is a great creation or invention history for me.

We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I've been towing a 5000#, 24', 400 cubic inch powered, fiberglass sedan bridge boat for the last few years. Free plans tend to be incomplete, with a long dead designer you can't ask questions of (usually important) and often the design uses materials no longer available and techniques that are less then desirable, compared to modern building methods.
Even the literally free support offered by most big DIY-designers and their respective user boards is alone worth more than that.
Thiel’s Friend Ship might be more suitable as a live aboard, although I believe it is designed for motor, rather than pedal, power.
I prefer glue & screw construction, and would also prefer designs that don't require lofting, though this isn't a showstopper. Stitch and glue but its easy (and arguably preferable) to frame out the bulkheads and glue and screw into them.
Not many pics of the Hartley floating around, but there are some of the sailing version, which has similar lines and accomodations. Most of the space I never use, it burns gas at an unbelievable rate, and most of the time, we're cruising around at 5 mph anyway. Well I have been told by my financial adviser that she would prefer a motor cruiser instead. We'll be able to build and outifit it our way, and have the pride of ownership that only a self-built boat can bring.

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