Location: Coastal Georgia You might try and find more info on the Simmons Sea Skiff. Location: Tasmania,Australia You will get a lot of water sloshing up inside the well on the stern 'wall'. Location: Crystal, MN - USA We use backtrolling splashguards to keep the majority of the back splash from getting in through outboard engine transom. Location: Crystal, MN - USA I guess I should have made my comment clear about a backsplash function, but I didn't specify it well. Location: Crystal, MN - USA I think another benefit to this setup is to have some sort of high sided transom and foot step for a choppy sea with the ability to cast nets off the back end and not fouling up on a lower unit.
Location: Crystal, MN - USA This design does what my Lund attempts to do with an aftermarket backtroll splashguard, but they do it with a tidy flat step (the newer Lunds have a carpeted rear deck surrounding the outboard and a solid transom instead of plexiglass of my Wavewackers. Actually, their way puts the outboard closer to where a traditional inboard engine would be situated, unlike on my Lund with it's 75HP Johnson V4 hanging off the *** end. I have seen a boat that sunk a 'pit' into the hull for the outboard, and at anything over 3 or 4 knots, had water slopping up over the top of the 'pit', not from the outboard wash, but from the speed of the boat. You would get the same effect with a flat bow of similar dimensions, and probably a similar loss in performance. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. New outboard boat motors for sale specifications and reviews on all top brands and models on one site. The Mekong River in Laos is navigable from the Cambodian border at least as far as Houayxay, a distance of over 920 miles.
For the most part, you can think of the variety of Laotian boats as simply different sizes of otherwise very similar boats: flat bottomed, with shovel ends, flaring sides, and quite long for their width.
The fishermen working in the river at Vientiane use long-tail outboards and have developed a very pretty technique for setting their long gill nets in the river. The Ou River is a charming mountain stream, flowing through remote mountainous parts of Laos and navigable (particularly during the wet season) for at least a hundred miles, from Muang Khoa to its mouth. The Ou River freight and passenger boats suffer an unfair loss of their beauty in order to carry around the cabins they need for their customers. For repair work the boats are simply pulled up out of the water sideways a few feet, and for things that can be handled afloat, the carpenter will cheerfully sit in the river to make his repairs. The ultimate expression of the Lao river boat is, without doubt, the modern Slow Boat, used to haul freight and passengers (including tourists, for a premium) on the upper Mekong between Luang Prabang and the Thai border at Houayxay, two days further north. The Slow Boats still in service today are all welded steel hulls with quite light wooden superstructure. Some more or less current guidebooks advise that the Slow Boats run a regular service from the capital at Vientiane, upriver to Luang Prabang and two days beyond to Houayxay on the Thai border, but the route between Vientiane and Luang Prabang has been surrendered to busses and trucks now and only the last two days of the old route remain in the hands of the boats. Since the river rises and falls so much in the course of a year there is no such thing as a town dock. Comparison shop for small inboard boat engine Boats, Kayaks Boating Equipment in Sports Equipment Outdoor Gear. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Outboard engine vs Inboard on a small 18ft boat??
Uploaded by angelica14709 on Sep 5, 2007 Woodenboat Magazine Show Mystic Seaport CT Category: Travel Events Tags: Woodenboat Show Mystic Seaport CT What are the advantages and disadvantages of Outboard engine vs Inboard on a small 18ft boat??
146 matches found: Chrysler Ace 6 cylinder inboard boat motor · Inboard Boat Motor OMC Engine Shift Control Box · Volvo Penta OMC 3853755 Inboard Boat Motor Some motor boats are fitted with inboard motor while others have outboard motor. Small marine inboard diesel engine, wholesale various high quality small marine inboard diesel engine products from global small marine inboard diesel engine. Inboard Marine Diesel engines operate under completely different duty cycle requirements than those of sterndrive marine engines. There's one rich man onboard and there's twentyfive poor men and they enjoy it more then the rich man does -Jim Kilroy when asked if yacht racing is a rich mans sport.
And one other thing: Do not forget you need an axial bearing to get the thrust -or pull- from the propshaft into the hull.

In an earlier post on this thread someone suggested mating a vertical shaft engine to a cut down outboard leg. That is a problem - Any electrical components that may cause a spark will have to be dealt with and if it is a potential it will have to be sealed. If the engine is not in a locker (or engine compartment) then some of this is not neccesary, you will just have to deal with a gasoline fire in the boat, not an explosion at first. I haven't used it yet, as the boat is not finished and after putting together the basic unit, I dismantled it and the bits are in storage. Combine in with a honda 4-stoke with a reduction gear 6:1 (I think this is a standard ratio off the shelf that is).
Last spring I look into the go-kart gearbox thing, the one referred to earlier in this thread. I found the gear-sets in an on-line tool repair catalog, intended for a 11,000rpm 1hp right-angle grinder.
So far, she's working like a champ, and contrary to some of the naysayer's, there seems to be little vibration if everything is tight.
Now I'm trying to reach out and find more of these engines just to acknowledge their existence.
Aircooled marine inboard engines, about time someone started a list of all that are and have been out there. Sure, you have some disadvantages , but you get a lower CG, a streamlined propeller arrangement and a secure engine location.. They would keep the water out of the boat, but the turbulence insode the well is a source of drag. If water were to gush forth vertically through that engine well like a fire hydrant (I exaggerate, but you get my point), then I would expect to see a roostertail shooting above the height of the set of Wavewackers on my Lund at 25 MPH. In the northern part of the country, the River is still the only route through the mountains to the rest of the world. The falls of the Mekong River just north of the border present an absolute (and absolutely magnificent) separation between the navigation of the upper river and the river below, which is navigable all the way to the South China Sea.
See store ratings and reviews and find the best Some motor boats are fitted with inboard motor while others have outboard motor. From this hundreds of small boat engine manufactures set up shop: Bolinder, Gray Marine Engine, Kermath, Union Buy and sell inboard boat engine, Parts Accessories, Boats, inboard boat motors items on Inboard Motor Installations in Small Boats Glen Witt Gl You will find such boat engines on small cabin cruisers and deck boats. I test drove the Hurricane 18ft boat this weekend and it was a fun boat Originally Posted by TollyWally When I think of suitcase gensets I usually picture one of the Honda units, very quiet nice little units. MerCruiser, PCM founded in 1912 and developed the world's first commercially viable small sel engine Do you know where I may be able to buy a kit to use a Briggs and Stratton 5-10 horsepower horizontal shaft engine as an inboard engine to power a small (14') boat?
The typical sterndrive engine needs to target an operating rpm of 3500 rpm minimum to operate correctly with the available sterndrive gear ratios.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Next a fuel system that drips once in a while on your lawnmower is a non-issue but in a boat it is a huge issue. We ran her direct-coupled to the clutch-face for the first season (the clutch engages at around 1800rpm, top-end is about 3200rpm) which drives Lil'bit, me and She-who-must-be-obeyed to almost 5 knots (7-5 brass two-blade wheel). The Planets, matching spiral-bevel pinions, are sandwiched perpendicular between the rings at 180 degrees one to the other. A really neat thing is: if you happen to pick-up a crab-pot line while out mess'n-round, the planet cylinder just spins-up decoupling the wheel, so you don't smoke the clutch or eat a pin. I'd like to be able to increase my literature concerning all manufacturers of aircooled inboard engines. You could mount something like that at the bottom of the well, but the water pressure would be considerable, not just a splash. The many small boats on this part of the Mekong are long, narrow, flat-bottomed and made with just a few thin planks. Small motor boats are Homemade wooden inboard motor boat being driven at Belews Lake in North Carolina.

Compare Prices Read Reviews on Boats, Kayaks Boating Equipment, including top brands such as Excalibur at Buy and sell inboard boat engine, Parts Accessories, Boats, inboard boat motors items on Inboard Motor Installations in Small Boats Glen Witt Gl A new revision of original text, INBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATIONS IN SMALL BOATS.
On the other hand inboard marine transmission are available in a variety of gear ratios and therefore can compensate for lower engine rpms. My guess is that the same arrangement with six pinions, instead of two, would easily handle 5hp.
If you have anything you'd like to share about OLD aircooled inboard boat engines please contact me.
I would much appreciate any suggestions as to how to determine where to put the engine well.
The Slow Boats that take freight and passengers (including tourists) on the Mekong River between Luang Prabang and Houayxay are built much the same, except for a slight V bottom. Small motor boats are It contains everything you will need to install or retrofit an inboard engine in a boat.
Compare Prices Read Reviews on Boats, Kayaks Boating Equipment, including top brands such as Excalibur at A new revision of original text, INBOARD MOTOR INSTALLATIONS IN SMALL BOATS. A small trolling motor is often employed for Inboard boats typically have a flat transom at the back of the boat.
Marine carburetors have venting and fuel bowl overfuels that are routed either back to the tank or into the intake. Due to the friction of the planets on the ring gears, the whole thing turns on the main axils, functioning as a 1:1 friction coupling. Particularly, what the measurement should be from the inside face of the transom to the rear most face of the engine well.
If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. These days, the hulls of the Slow Boats are all made of welded steel but the old ones were wood construction and at least two of the old hulls still survive. Convert electric hulls into Nitro or install this motor into one of our small Bruzers for fast nitro action! Much like the sterndrive marine engine models, from our 170 Hp Barracuda model up to the 400 Hp Tigershark MarineDiesel offers a model for every application. Now, one could imagine to make that the forward direction on the boat, and leave the 1 : 1 direct for the reverse direction.
So the step up is from the bottom exit shaft of the motor, then a layshaft up with a 1:1 toothed belt to the top of the leg.
Besides the Mekong, the Ou River in Northern Laos has its own variety of passenger and freight boats and extends the navigation at least another hundred miles into the mountains north and east of the Mekong, but even that doesn’t define the full extent of the navigation in Laotian waterways. A bigger leg would have solved the reduction with a bigger prop, but much heavier and not what I had lying around.
I have to figure if it was a B & S it must have been relatively inexpensive and easy to fabricate.
In smaller tributaries the boats will work under motor when they can but the crews are quick to shut off the motor and jump overboard in shallow water to ease the boat across and back into deeper water beyond. Don't even consider rebuilding stringers, replacing shafts, and changing gauges clusters; simply drop in a direct replacement supercharged V8 diesel! Check these measurements between your choice of outboard and other potential candidates and design clearences for competitive make and model O.B. The engine is happy in its box about two thirds of the length of the boat aft, and any bulky freight can be loaded into the open hull from the engine to the stern, where the propeller turns in very thin water, its blades throwing a long white rooster tail as it accelerates from the bank.
It was late in the evening and we had to leave again early the next morning and, sadly, no one was on hand to let me on board to survey the structure of the old wooden hulls.

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