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Alajuela 38: At first glance and without knowing the length, it might be easy to confuse the Alajuela 38 with the Westsail 32. Pacific Seacraft Mariah 31: Here's another boat that seems to be a response to the Westsail 32. Westsail 32: This boat is already legendary in this blog post, let alone to the cruising community.
If you want to design your own boat and build it from whatever materials you see fit -- go for it. Seriously, as several folks have stated above, the designer's fee is such a small part of the overall cost that it looks very bad when you won't consider paying for it.
In 1973, Time Magazine ran a feature about the cruising life with accompanying photos of a Westsail 32 somewhere over the horizon.
Kits and supplies plus the best boat building technical Catalogue of all small boat plans and custom small boat designs away Tad Plans for plywood lapstrake plank on frame cold molded sheath stripped. The Olga 28 was designed as a light, relatively fuel efficient cruising boat for the waters around Orcas Island, in the Salish Sea, where the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia meet.

Now I seriously think you guys just plain don't think I have the abilities to design and build a boat. However, that doesn't mean there aren't other boats I love that I'd like to call "mine" someday.
As always, feel free to share your thoughts and your own list of favorites or others you think I should add to mine. Pacific Seacraft co-founder and Mariah designer Henry Morschadt put together what was known in the 1970's as "the most expensive boat of its size" but now represents somewhat of a bluewater bargain.
The Westsail Corporation smartly coined the phrase "Westsail the World" and the cruising boom was on. The Hans Christian 33 Traditional sails in and adds to all that I love about the Baba with the addition of a very family friendly and liveable cabin layout. A roomy, comfortable auxiliary cruiser with sufficient headroom, two cabins and an enclosed head. Even today the Mariah is still thought of as one of the best built, sturdiest bluewater boats around. If you dreamed of remote palm-covered islands and had the gumption to act on your vision, the Westsail 32 was your ticket to paradise. The HC33t features what amounts to luxury accommodations for an affordable bluewater cruiser. This reputation is largely due to the 3 inch hull thickness at the bilge and 1 inch thickness above the waterline.
The Westsail's design pedigree is strong with the likes of William Atkin taking credit for the hull's inspiration and William Crealock (of Pacific Seacraft fame) getting credit for the deck design and layout.

If you've ever replaced a thru-hull fitting on your own boat, you'll understand that 3 inches of fiberglass is insanely thick.
No one wants to run aground, but you couldn't find a boat better built to take a hit with her full keel, transom hung rudder, prop aperture, and that thick hull. Many criticize it for being unnecessarily slow and heavy, mocking it with the "wet-snail 32" moniker. The 32's seakeeping abilities, strong construction, and reputation for safe passages is nearly unmatched. If you recall, there's a brief mention in the movie of a true story about a sailboat that was caught in that perfect storm, yet somehow survived after being abandoned by her crew. I'm a realist and if this is suppose to be a list of boats I might one day actually own, well then I'm gonna need more cabin space for those cruises when my then grown daughters come to visit mom and dad.
Of course there's always the very similar looking Baba 35 or Baba 40, but now we've officially left the land of "affordable" bluewater boating. On the outside she looks like a massive ocean canoe or Viking ship with a snooty bow and squat stern. It features a long full keel with a cut-away forefoot and a fully protected prop and rudder.

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