Interesting that the requirements to sail, row and tow well lead to such a fast dinghy in strong winds.
Our local Scows were also designed as tenders to the large yachts which anchored off Lymington River, before the River was dredged.
Whilst looking at the designs of Alden X-Class Frostbite design, I noticed this rather nice design simply called 12' Dinghy. Very sweet, quite beamy, quite a nice upturned nose like my Scow, reminds me a bit of the Cornish Cormorant from our Bursleden Blogger.
1) There is Gavin Atkin's Mouseboat which is a great 8' paddling and sailing boat with wonderful stability and good V bottom performance for adults and kids alike. 3) My own interpretation of a 12' dory which rows and sails with 2 people onboard and works as a great tender to my bigger boat even serving to take my whole family of 4 to shore at Ft.
Eric Risch here in West Gardner, Maine has a great just-under-12' dinghy called the Echo Bay Dory Skiff.

She'd be very fast with a standing lugsail or a larger Sprit but I'd want a quick to reef sail, so lug is best. These little boats are so endemic on the South Coast of the UK, one wonders what do all the other 50+ years olds race and teach their grandchildren in! Swallow Boats designed a very sweet 12' dinghy called the Trooper, but it is only available as a kit, but would be a very nice build if plans alone were made available.
The other new 12' design is the Cornish Cormorant, by Roger Dongray and Seashell Boats, again no plans but such a boat from plans could be really good. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Now I am afraid they are currently grp hulls, but they were clinker and plans are now available in epoxy clinker ply as referred to before from Selway Fisher.
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Hoosier State on the eve of the smell of grass from my fire and the randomness of crickets chirping and the next morning forward in one case. The designer, Eric, has done some crossings to islands offshore here in Maine and been in a squall with the boat. Very capable and easy on the eyes, and quick to build, which I appreciate in a boat more and more.
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