Sure, the mega yacht thing is appealing in a billionaire playboy or Hollywood celeb kind of way, but I appreciate a luxury boat that isn’t going for size or pointless gadgets and extravagances. Just because your purchasing a mini speed boat or yacht does not mean giving up comfort and luxury. Numerous options available for the mini speedboats are the following: multi-color graphics, full billet interior package, stereo system, color matched trailers, custom boat cover, bimini cover, stainless propeller, Jack plate and trim tabs. The Giorgetti 535 Black Edition Speed Boat is small but mighty, a 2-seater from a manufacturer of racing boats that looks beautiful and backs it up with high performance. Another advantage of owning a mini boat is their small size and lightweight hulls, making it easier to transport than a regular size boat.

Small toys for big fun, these water vehicles will definitely attract people’s attention wherever you travel.
Boat designers are now targeting the mini niche marketplace; there is no need to sacrifice size for style anymore. If power is important, you have the added option of motor engines ranging from 9.8 HP to 50 HP fuel injected engines. The mini boats and yachts featured in this article are perfect for day excursions on lakes, inland waterways or the ocean.
It’s an ideal gift that has the speed and agility of a jet ski but the stability of a boat.

The super craft hovercraft even has a hybrid gas and electric engine that uses energy savings for quick bursts of power. The small size also makes it easy to store and even easier to pull out whenever you feel the urge to take it for a spin.

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