Now you can be a modern day Don Quixote and build your own "alternative energy" windmill using these plans.
This western windmill is designed as 18 feet tall with a 5 foot fan but can be scaled up or down. The windmill can be used as an aerator to bubble a pond or lake to keep it from freezing, to keep a boat from freezing in, or to add oxygen to the water to retard algae growth and prevent fish from dying. As a wind operated water pump, the windmill can pump water for home use, livestock or irrigation. The western windmill uses a air compressor or an old air pump from the pollution control of a scrap automobile for pond aeration.

This detailed set of cad assembly drawings for building a windmill water pump are in PDF format and designed to be printed in black and white on 36" wide roll paper. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our plans are designed to be simple enough to be understood by the do-it-yourselfer but are NOT "step-by-step" instructions. Although we appreciate feedback to improve our designs, we do NOT provide engineering advice or consultation services. PROCEDURE: After checking out you will be given a link where you can download your plans right away.
Please ASK ALL QUESTIONS prior to ordering plans because like computer software, PLANS ARE NONRETURNABLE AND NONREFUNDABLE.

101 et seq., and International copyright law and is in direct violation of the international rights of the copyright owner.

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