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This iconic racing boat was originally designed by George Crouch in 1924 and went on to win the 1924 and 1925 APBA Gold Cup. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world. There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin hatch assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc. This sharp shooter in the funny hat is Leland Duck, owner and operator of Revive Upholstery & Design.
We continue to geek out on frame construction on everything Leland pulls apart…  there are always fresh surprises. Over the summer and into the fall, Phloem Studio and Earthbound Industries got a chance to collaborate on another job with PATH Architecture.
This is what it looked like inside when we took field measurements before building anything.
It took a very large pile of rift sawn white oak to make all the counters, cabinets and furniture in the space. After we finished installing the majority of the cabinets and the counters, it was back to the shop to finish the stools, table, sofa and some other odds and ends. It was really cool how Jeff took advantage of the roof pitch — it was a very smart design. As you can see Bren (from Earthbound) demonstrate — the back cushions come off, and an upholstered door opens up to store away those cushions. Here is the kitchenette with those two floating shelves and the east wall full of floor to ceiling windows. The bathroom is on the other side of the kitchenette wall with this small vanity and floating shelf.
Every two years, there’s a furniture design competition in Portland, OR called ShowPDX. There are three open cubbies at the back end of the desktop, hiding two cord ports back in the shadow.
Each Laura Desk is made to order by hand here in Portland, OR with the finest domestic hardwoods available. Each desk is finished in a very eco-friendly oil and wax based finish that’s easy to touch up over time. The leg assemblies bolt to the back stretcher then to the desk top, with a total of eight allen head bolts. Jordan Tull is an artist here in Portland who explores spacial relationships with site specific installations. BK — I met you way two years ago when I needed some steel brackets fabricated for some floating shelves and you went above and beyond what was necessary. There are many other very talented people who are showcasing some beautiful new work just for this special night. After the all the router milling, we spent some time fairing the molds to the curve of the boat. Each strip gets glued to the next with a bead of glue in the cove and glued to the stems at the bow and stern. The stapleless system makes good use of shims and wedges.  You hammer in wedges til you see that sweet glue squeezeout over there in the right of the photo. After both stems are covered by strips, we crossed the centerline on just one side of the hull.
Once the centerline has been crossed completely with odd, jagged cutoff planks sticking out into the other half it’s time to cut the centerline.

From there, we took a nice, straight flat ruler sighting along the string and put a sharp line with pen into the cedar. In Ted’s book, the last 2 strips are glued together at the curve, then basically scribed into place. I really wonder now how many people have been ambitious enough to take on a canoe project around April and expect to use it by summer time, only to reassess and aim for fall.
Phloem Studio shares the wood shop in the back of Beam & Anchor with Earthbound Industries. The grain on the wall with the bathroom door (right side of photo) wraps around the corner into the wall panel and the cabinet drawer fronts. In the wintertime, we would selectively log our property for firewood.  Dad and I would get up early, take the tractor and sled onto the snow covered trails deep into the forest. Dad had a new shop behind the house.  Pretty much every single day, dad would get home from teaching school and go work in his shop. Bren choose to build Bob’s Special, a 15 foot canoe known to handle well for anglers.
After we cut them out, we covered them with epoxy and glass, and then recoated with more epoxy. While the sides were taking shape, we were also cutting out and assembling the bulkhead frames. After glassing and sanding smooth (not photogenic work), we installed the skeg and put on a coat of antifouling paint.
Taken immediately after rolling the hull over, this photo shows part of the rollover jig with its hand winches and cables still attached to the boat. Same thing as the photo above, but from further away so you can get a better idea of what's what.
We scarfed up the cabin top into a single piece, masked off the beams and cabin sides, and painted it with Awlgrip. Another, similar view of the cockpit, showing the raised and strengthened outboard cutout in the transom. A view of the cockpit from forward shows the heavy transom knee we added to stiffen the transom against the stresses of both the outboard and the mizzen mast. This may not be the world's greatest sailboat at going upwind in a big chop in San Fransisco Bay, so we decided to fit an 8 HP Yamaha high thrust 4-stroke motor. That chunk of VG Fir 2X6 to starboard will hold anchor chocks for the Danforth stern anchor. Since this boat will be used for some cruising and the outboard may almost never get used, the owner specified a solar battery charging system.
This shows the mast in the lowered position, supported by a set of boom scissors in the cockpit. Showing how the mast scissors are mounted in the cockpit, positioned between small cleats on the sides of the footwell. We are located on the Snohomish River in the Pacific Northwest, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Decorative model wooden speed boatWe can made various of model boats like model fishing boat,model ship,model speed boat,model sailing boats and so on.We also can made some boats which the customer design. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It features a wide beam, outboard well, stability at rest and can be customized to suit most set-ups.
The lower hull is designed to allow water to flow under the frames towards the rear of the vessel by using raised longitudinal battens. He hosted a summer internship for me once I graduated and he essentially gave me the reigns to be a interior architect.
I find it refreshing to be able to trash (or recycle) an installation or idea easily as opposed to caressing and caring for heavy metal objects.
Of course the bulkhead centerlines didn't all come out on the hull centerline, so we shored them so that they do line up. We faired the seams and then ground a little hollow at each seam, which we filled with epoxy putty.

There's about 10psi air pressure pushing down on the bottom, and of course the same 10psi pushing up on the inside of the inner layer of the bottom.
It has four pieces of threaded bronze rod embedded in epoxy, set up with nuts on the inside of the bottom, to hold it on. The cockpit bulkheads are ready to receive the remaining cockpit structure and came out perfectly lined up, which is pretty cool. We've installed the plywood icebox and have finished bulkheading off the foam compartments, into which we will pour urethane foam for flotation. We'll cut it out after it's installed, so we'll have better leverage when we pull it down onto the cabin sides.
We've added seat back compartments to the cockpit design, to improve seating geometry and add some cockpit storage. They've gotten a lot bigger, so we raised and thus also widened the cutout to suit this motor. The eyebolts are epoxied in place and will have various blocks attached to them to take the running rigging aft to the cockpit. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). That summer I tricked-out his clinically-modern work studio downtown with a family of steel and glass dividing systems that I designed, engineered and fabricated.
For instance, for Ecto-Paraprism behind the scenes I cut out all of the parts by hand and then folded them, and then taped and glued each one before meticulously installing them each within a reflexive geo-pattern utilizing yet another pattern of magnet connectors. We are making the bottom airtight because we will vacuum bag the second layer of bottom, instead of using fasteners. This blue coat will enable the owner to see when his red antifouling is getting thin, while still having a layer of protection.
Because the icebox will take up some of the foam space, we will pour some into the next port compartment forward to make up for it. We'll also cut out the companionway after installation, so the cabin top will bend into place fairly. These seat backs have their aft ends located as shown because the mizzen sheet outrigger jams into its socket there.
This knee will also keep the mizzen mast from flexing the transom top, which is a problem if you build it as designed.
We also built a strong wooden cover for the solar panel, as it will be necessary to walk there when raising the mast from its horizontal trailering position.
The work is layered with repeating geometric cycles in the same way techno operates musically. Ultimately, I think working with metal restricts my potential to explore this whole new frontier of conceptual possibility, so I’ve abandoned metal for the time being. I set up certain variables for this installation that are purely logic based, like time and money, (life cycle patterns we all know) the intuitive-artistic aspect of the work manifests in the fact that I simply trusted my gut about how everything would appear installed without physically mocking anything up before committing to buying materials. The plywood for this boat will be Brazilian Jequitiba marine plywood, water and boilproof to British 1088 specs. The seat tops, cabinet doors, berth flat, cabin sole, and other interior parts are finished but won't be installed until the boat is finished. That preserves the fine lounging area on the bridge deck and makes it simpler to get rid of water that might collect at the forward end of the bridge deck while the skipper is sleeping.
You can see we've drilled for them, but we won't epoxy bond them until after the boat is undercoated. But anyone that knows my work will recognize the fabricator at hand, even if the work is plastic.
Being reckless is also a pattern of mine but I can usually accurately predict the rational consequences of my irrational behavior.

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