Location: France In his blog, he reckons the warming during the day is making the ice flatter, but it looks surprisingly undulating in the photo.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
So, my question is this: What is the best choice for me to maximize my top speed with my propulsion restriction?
There aren't many (if any) boats that will plane with 3 hp and still be able to carry a fully-grown person and their gear.
Now, if you're looking for a larger boat than your 14' aluminum, and you want it to be reasonably quick with this motor, you're looking at something long, light and thin.
There are a few guys on here who have done a lot of experiments on human-powered vessels, where you can't get much more than 0.3 hp for any length of time. Location: Iowa long and narrow to maximize waterline length and minimize wave making.
A 3HP electric will get a purpose built boat on the plane if you are only interested in speed with one person.
They will give 100A for a few minutes and allow you to check out what speed is attainable in the Jon boat. It's a challenging equation, involving a lot of interplay between variables like weight (friction) and battery cost per pound saved, with each shift in emphasis calling for a slightly altered hull form. It takes practically a genious to cleverly balance all those variables and come close to the most efficient ideal for the needs of the user.
Location: Florida If you want to plane with two people fuel and a cooler, you need 5hp. Location: Florida Take a look at these canoes, they are very stable and will go fast with a 3 to 5hp engine. Location: Ontario If you're OK with the jon boat at 5 knots or so, it's still a durable, economical fishing platform for your inland reservoirs. If you really do want more speed while still having good stability for fishing, you'll end up in the spiral Alan is talking about.
Or you could take the shortcut way- find a (roughly) matched pair of used canoe, kayak or rowing scull hulls that are long, thin and light, make them into a catamaran with some wooden beams and a deck, and mount your electric motor on that.
Location: Ontario EEStor has a working device and a patent, Bert, but are still a while away from a production model. Location: South Africa Little Brak River I assume that they will use switch mode principles and burst technology to flatten the curve a little, similar to a certain extend as with Solar panels. This week’s sailing video of the week comes from Urs Rothacher, skipper of BridgeRunner, a SL33 racing catamaran on San Francisco Bay. The catamaran is a D-Type Catamaran, an extremely fast and highly unstable yacht design from the 1980s.

Speed Boat Design Plans Speed Boat Design Plans He sought sponsorship simply because he lacked the money and with individuals wishing to return once the title by the British poured support organizations large and small. Location: Manitoba I guess I had presumed the (air) foils were symmetrical and could be trimmed for sailing either way. Location: Port Gamble, Washington, USA The sections looked asymmetrical in the renderings.
Location: Stockhom, Sweden Looks like a pitchpoler because of the short length. Location: Australia I wonder if a compression strut between the wings would be more effective than a massively reinforced joint between the wings? Originally Posted by tspeer No, the lift on the other panels would have to go the opposite direction to produce drive. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida V-39 Randy, what do you see that leads to pitch instability? A degree of water ballast will be present in the stern of the main hull to maintain an aft CG.
The nose down pitch from thrust is balanced (literally) by the nose down pitch from the aft CG lever. As the vessel pitches down the stabilizing force of aft CG is reduced and each degree of down pitch increases the pitch down force.
The total lift is somewhere to leeward of the CG, if the vertical height of the thrust vector as shown in the side view is extended to the combined lift vector shown on the front view the thrust acts at a point to leeward of the CG.
I could spend more time trying to figure out if the vessel is stable on any axis but you get the idea.
Location: Camp Plasma I take it, then, that you've looked at the CV's of these guys, as well as their invested sponsors and you still think there's something terribly wrong? Originally Posted by cardsinplay I take it, then, that you've looked at the CV's of these guys, as well as their invested sponsors and you still think there's something terribly wrong?
Inspired by an article in ?The Engineer? March 2008 edition about the speed sailing team, l?Hydroptere and their preparations for setting a new world outright sailing speed record, Tim began working on an innovative layout for a sailing boat which has led to the v-39 ALBATROSS project and the forming of a passionate and highly motivated team as it stands today.
The aim of the pilot is to control the speed of the boat to hold it just under the incipient cavitation speed of the keel. These statements are the ones that lead me to look closely at the project, since I feel that they indeed have a good handle on what the limits and challenges are.
The boat will primarily be used for fishing, so I don't think the long-light-thin thing will work. I am a great believer that as long EEstor can stand up against the very powerfull automotive industry and that they will not be bought out and put asleep, it will help Istock1 to keep the weight light and maybe he is able then to increase his motor from 3 to 5 to 6 horsepower and he will increase speed.
The D-Type’s were designed by California based aeronautical engineers to try to break inshore multihull speed records.

The Monofoiler speed record program got farther along than this one and I have not seen a full scale machine yet.
I don't see much experience actually building anything and no past successful designs are cited other than models.
In the course of wars at sea ships can maneuver more quickly are more likely to defeat his rivals. The spanwise lift distribution of a forward swept wing is nearly elliptic and further forward than for one swept back.
They are in the process of manufacturing super capacitors, which holds the power of 10 x a normal lead acid battery, but at half of the weight. Canoe type vessel will have to be wide enough and long enough but would have to site half out to plane.
Siemens AG, made 9 years ago a similar type of product, but the automotive industry requested Siemens to close the plant down.
All you gotta do now is figure out how much speed you want to lose to start making it something you can live with and that meets your needs. If you push it from vertical it will return to vertical and settle back to it's original position (unless the suspension point is frictionless and there is no air resistance).
I am worried that the automotive industry will also close down the factory for this very sensible product . It is logical, the electric car, boats etc will be pushing their old fashioned product of the market. But I hope that I am wrong and that EEstor is able to stand up against the powers of the automotive industry, as I also am in the process of building an electric mototboat with 20 - 30 KW motors, but need EEstor type of batteries. When the suspension point is moved to the bottom, it will be stable only as long as the centre of mass is directly above the suspension point.
Sure it is possible to walk around with a broomstick balanced on your finger tip, but I'd hardly describe it as stable. In his spare time and sport speedboats which break the velocities deliver at home the trophy and are simply more exciting to drive Speed Boat Design Plans.
Not sure the boat is in tiptop situation speed boat insurance is up to date and there are people on standby to assist you have nothing to go wrong. No if you wish to reach even the 50 per cent the speed of these super-fast boats often remember basic safety first. The spirit of Australia who broke the world peace file at Blowering dam in 1978 remains on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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